Delegations from US, UK visit public figures banished from holy city

15/03/2011 – 10:17 AM

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Delegations from the US and UK have paid visits to the Palestinian public officials seeking political sanctuary from banishment at the Red Cross in Jerusalem.

Ahmed Attoun and Ahmed Totah, members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and former minister Khalid Abu Arafeh have been camping out at the Red Cross headquarters for the past 258 days to protest orders by Israel to leave their native city of Jerusalem.

The US group included 30 Harvard students and several other students from Palestine’s prestigious Birzeit University.

The visitors from UK included 17 religious men.

They had gone to discuss the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

The Jerusalem public figures clarified what they believed was required from the international community. The men also discussed the Islamic movement and its future strategy.

”The international community, despite calls for establishing two states living side by side, has made attempts to establish an occupation state on Palestinian territory and called it Israel, and has protected the state of settlements alongside it in the West Bank,” the men were quoted as saying.

They said the world established Israel and supported it, and the Palestinians are waiting for justice and aid for the vulnerable and oppressed as well as to the resistance movement until freedom is achieved and rights are fully restored.

The men also pointed out the US and West has coined the term ”terrorist movement” according to its standards without taking continually changing regional circumstances into consideration.

Delegations from US, UK visit public figures banished from holy city.

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