Hamas Forces in Civilian Clothing Attack, Injure 50 Protesters in Gaza

Date : 15/3/2011   Time : 20:56
GAZA, March 15, 2011(WAFA) – Hamas Forces Tuesday broke into al- katiba yard, in Gaza City, where there are thousands of citizens demanding an end to the division and attacked people using sticks, batons, tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to break up the protesters.
Witnesses said: “members of Hamas dressed in civilian clothing and driving civilian vehicles broke into al- katiba yard, attacked protesters, severely beaten them and burnt all the tents set in the yard, causing about 40 injuries including cases of suffocation.

Witnesses also said that the Hamas forces cut electricity and communications from the yard and the surrounding area, before they broke into it, and a number of Hamas members in the Legislative Council, led by Yahya Moussa, were engaged in the process of surrounding protesters along with their armed forces.


Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA.

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