Hamdan: PA will meet same fate as toppled Arab regimes

14/03/2011 – 09:05 PM

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas politburo member Osama Hamdan has said that those who stand by the Israeli occupation will meet the same fate as the regimes that crumbled during revolutions sweeping the Arab world.

He was referring to the current Palestinian National Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas. Recently leaked documents revealed the PA has had tight security coordination with Israel.

Changes that happened in the Arab region were caused by a situation that accumulated and affected the region, Hamdan said in an interview with Qatar’s Al-Arab newspaper.

”What happened must be read from multiple angles, as it means that the official regimes had failed, and so did wagers on the US’s role, and they had failed to achieve economic and political growth,” he said.

”The Palestinian Authority has been a part of this formal regime and has therefore also failed. A new leadership must therefore be created that represents the entire political spectrum and guarantees freedom and a united front against the occupier and its plans.”

”What is required today is to turn to the Palestinian national project and reorganize the Palestinian cabinet, because what was talked about before the changes in the Arab region is no longer appropriate to talk about today. There are no more talks on national reconciliation, but rather on Palestinian unity based on a national project in order to do away with the past and respond to the hopes of the Palestinians.”

Hamdan went on to say that Hamas has begun consulting with Palestinian factions to announce an initiative based on popular will and to create a leadership that unites the country and is accountable for its achievements and failures


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