Israeli Troops Invade Beit Omar, Arrest Eight

15.03.11 – 14:52 PNN

Hebron – PNN – Israeli troops conducted military raids of the southern West Bank village of Beit Omar, north of Hebron, and arrested eight Palestinians aged 17 to 41.



(PNN Archive)

Muhammad Ayed Awad, a media spokesman for the local Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, told Palestinian state-run news wire Wafa that the arrested men were Ibrahim Sabarneh, 21, and his brother Hatem, 18, Adham Akhlayl, 20, and his brother Aktham, 19, Issa Bahr, 41, Yusef Sabarneh, 17, Murad Adi, 18, and Rafat Aslibi, 28.

Israeli troops reportedly used police dogs, tear gas, and sound bombs in a series of home invasions in Hebron as well, put did not make any further arrests.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Israeli Troops Invade Beit Omar, Arrest Eight.

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