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Consequences of Israeli Chemical Weapons

Arab empowerment could equal doomsday for Israel

‘Israel will be biggest loser in region after changes,’ expert says

iRemember… | الشهداء

STATEMENT Regarding Attempts to Co-opt March 15th Protests | فلسطين لنا: بيان توضيحي عن فعالية الخامس عشر (15) من آذار

Settler Opens Fire At Palestinian Vehicle Near Hebron

Palestine is a queer issue

Hamas Forces Attack Youth Calling for National Unity in Gaza

Security forces raid Gaza protest

Hamas Security Crushes Peaceful Protest in Gaza

Palestinian unity rally in Gaza ends in violence

Bargouthi says protest ‘a great moment in history’

12 Palestinians arrested Tuesday morning, Settler Violence as search goes on for Itamar killer

Dweik calls for PLC unity session

Hamas denounces ‘collective punishment’ in Awarta

Haneyya responds to protests, calls on Abbas to begin urgent talks

IOA bans Sheikh Bakirat from entering his office at Aqsa Mosque

PA puts off military trials of 23 Hamas members in W. Bank

Solitary confinement of Hamas leader Barghouthi renewed for 17th time

Abbas sends food to Ramallah protesters

Clashes in central Ramallah

Khalida Jarrar backs unity demonstrations

Thousands of Palestinians rally for reconciliation

Witnesses: Gaza security forces raid protest

Hamas Forces in Civilian Clothing Attack, Injure 50 Protesters in Gaza

Hamas clashes with protestors in Gaza: witnesses

Palestinians hold mass unity demos

Day of Reconciliation in Palestine

Settler fires on Palestinian car from moving vehicle

Israeli columnist: Media dehumanizes Palestinians

Thousands protest in Gaza calling for Palestinian unity

Israeli Court allows settlers to take part of family home in Ras al-Amoud

Barak warns of “political tsunami” to hit Israel

Geneva confab on Palestinian prisoners

PM says, IDF build fence along Jordan,7340,L-4042799,00.html

Civil Society and Palestine: The Growing Power of the Ordinary

Israeli artists speak out

Hundreds Protest for Unity in Ramallah

Radicalization: It’s Not a Muslim Thing

Gaza and West Bank protests demand end to Palestinian divisions

Tens of thousands urge for unity in occupied Palestine

‘Generation Oslo’ takes to the streets to chart a new path forward for Palestine

Egypt gas flow to Israel Must Not Resume

Some 20,000 protest in Gaza, West Bank for Palestinian unity

Palestinians Take to Gaza, West Bank to Protest for Change

US victim’s parents sue Israel

Two civilians injured, One Arrested by Israeli Troops in Beit Omer

Livni’s comments should be viewed as implicit incitement for the “state” of Israel to kill any of its critics anywhere

Awarta village closed for 4th day

Palestinians hold unity rallies in Gaza, West Bank

Palestinian leader eyes poll ‘to end divide’

March 15 Protests: Thousands Gather in Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Gaza City

In photos: Hundreds of thousands in Gaza demand unity

Remember last time Israel faked a weapons ship and the give away “Ministry of Sepah” labels?

Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons


Israel greatest threat to world peace


UK ‘extremely concerned’ over increased settlement building


Israel punishes itself,7340,L-4042409,00.html


March 15th: Arab revolution returns to Palestine


Palestinians hold ‘unity’ rallies


Palestinians protest for Hamas-Fatah unity


Unity rallies get off to rocky start


Israeli Troops Invade Beit Omar, Arrest Eight






A crime against humanity – Eyad El-Sarraj


Netanyahu’s exploitation of the murders at Itamar


1,500 come out in Bethlehem for unity


Palestine: Demonstrations For Unity Begin


Israeli “extremists want..war of Gog and Magog, that will end in victory and the ‘cleansing’ of Arabs from the land”


Even though Netanyahu congratulated those who slaughtered 9 innocents on Mavi Marmara, Turkey condemns Itamar killings


Egyptian Gas Supply to Israel Temporary Stopped


Palestinian gov’t replies to UN inquiries over Goldstone report


Prisoners support unity protests


Israel increases its military presence in the occupied West Bank


500 come out in Bethlehem for unity


Thousands of Palestinians rally for reconciliation


Indeed, pics are of “Francop,” ship Israel hijacked in 2009, which it claimed without evidence was bound for Hizbullah


Note that pic accompanying this dubious Israeli story is NOT the ship Israel claims to have seized


Looks like fake Israeli op to accuse Turkey, justify Gaza siege: “IDF seizes boat carrying weapons from Turkey to Gaza”


“Operation S” – LSE Palestine Society Occupy for Israeli Apartheid Week


‘Tens of thousands’ rally for unity in Gaza: Hamas


New PA cabinet announcement expected next week


Delegations from US, UK visit public figures banished from holy city


Hamas advocates popular marches calling for national unity


Shalom calls for reinstating capital punishment against Palestinians


Jericho woman marks 7 years in Israeli prison


Tadamun: Detainees in Awarta exceeded 100


Thousands of Gaza Rally for Reconciliation


Palestinian protest leader released from Israeli jail; served 16 months


Gaza home owners protest outside UNRWA


Thousands of Gazans rally to end split between rival Palestinian governments


Prominent Palestinian activist Freed


Gaza City: Hamas-rally crashes unity protests


Continued settler violence raises concerns




Beit Yonatan settlers responsible for live ammunition fire in Baten al-Hawa

5 settlers Killed.#Daily in #Palestine:Life killed before it is born: @ifamericansknew (only click if you can bare it!)

Must Read: from 972 Magazine:The Itamar victimization dance is disgusting: #palestine #Itamar #Apartheid

Palestinian Non-violent Organizer Released From Prison

Gaza Rights Group Asks Govts to Respect Peaceful Assembly – Journal of Turkish Weekly

Itamar settlement killing leads to mass arrests – GlobalPost

Awarta: Bulldozers Plow Land, Israelis Set Up Temporary Houses, Free Treatment Offered

Itamar settlers erect new illegal outpost

Three injured as Israeli army attacks Awarta

Bulldozers Plow Awarta Land, Israelis Set Up Temporary Houses

Lieberman visits Itamar,7340,L-4042458,00.html

Egyptian forces release four Palestinians

Breaking Maan: Itamar settlers install illegal outpost on Awarta lands

Israeli Forces Detain Eight Palestinians in West Bank

Strike before “Day of Reconciliation”

Europeans want Hamas in peace talks

Wife of detainee on hunger strike

Israel has killed thousands of children

Press report: Itamar culprit an Asian worker

After Itamar: Exploring the cynical logic that makes everyone a target

Jailed Bil’in Protest Organizer Abdallah Abu Rahmah Released!


Over 300 arrests in Awarta is collective punishment for death of settler family


Settler rampage across West Bank as Israel announces more settlement building

WHAT DRIVES ISRAEL CRAZY? (Peacefull Protests!)


March 15; Palestinian Peaceful Revolution To End Internal Divisions

Factions call on supporters to join unity rallies

Leftist PPP Will Not Be Part Of New Appointed Government

Awarta Village Under Full Closure Since Saturday; Scandinavian Activists Trapped

The March is On! Palestinian Youth Movement Protests Go Global

Briefing on Protest for Palestinian Unity Becomes a Rally Itself

Russia Concerned Over Israeli Settlement Plans

Arab empowerment could equal doomsday for Israel

‘Israel will be biggest loser in region after changes,’ expert says

Watch out March 15th in Syria and Palestine

Hamdan: PA will meet same fate as toppled Arab Regimes

Wife of detainee on hunger strike holds IOA responsible for his life

Press report: Itamar culprit an Asian worker

Yishai calls for retaliating to death of five settlers by expanding settlements

Sources: Thai workers questioned in Itamar

J Street, AIPAC, Palestine and Israel: Fighting the Wrong Battle and Losing the Real War

Youth continue hunger strike in Ramallah`s Al-Manara

Settler woman acquitted of assault charge,7340,L-4042311,00.html

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