Wife of detainee on hunger strike holds IOA responsible for his life

[ 14/03/2011 – 09:02 PM ]


TULKAREM, (PIC)– The wife of detained Hamas leader Abbas Al-Sayyed held the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) fully responsible for his life after he entered a sixth day of hunger strike protesting his continued solitary confinement.

Um Abdullah told the PIC reporter over the phone on Monday that he went on hunger strike after the Raymon prison administration confiscated his electric appliances and moved him to a smaller isolation cell.

She noted that the administration imposed the new punishments on him after he spoke to the media during a hearing for the so-called higher court of justice two weeks ago in which he exposed torture methods exercised against him during his interrogation.

She said that he will continue with his hunger strike until the administration ends his isolation that has been imposed on him for the past eight months.

The wife said that the prison administration moved her husband to Salem court near Jenin on Sunday in a bid to pressure him to end his strike, adding that he was taken both hands and feet shackled, which negatively affects his condition especially when he has been on hunger strike for almost a week.

She asked the human rights groups and the media to expose the IOA practices against her husband and all Palestinian prisoners in an effort to end the policy of solitary confinement.


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