Isreal to displace 13 Arab families from their homes in 1948 occupied lands

16/03/2011 – 03:05 PM

NAZARETH, (PIC)– An Israeli court approved a petition filed by the Israeli land authority demanding the displacement of 13 Palestinian families from their homes in Dahmash village in the 1949 occupied lands.

Press sources said that the Israeli court issued a decision to demolish the homes of Abu Kishk family, composed of 60 people.

This step is part of Israel’s Judaization and ethnic cleansing policy pursued against the Palestinians of the 1948 occupied lands.

The court took its decision without the presence of the families or their lawyers.

A state of extreme anger is prevailing among Palestinians in Dahmash village located between the cities of Lud and Ramle.

The homes of Abu Kishk were built before 1948 and are historically known as the palace of Dahmash.


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