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Consequences of Israeli Chemical Weapons

Arab empowerment could equal doomsday for Israel

‘Israel will be biggest loser in region after changes,’ expert says

iRemember… | الشهداء

Kerem Shalom opened for aid, building materials: Date 16/03/2011, 17:34 (Jerusalem)

GAZA: A local radio is reporting that Israeli tanks is shelling Eastern Gaza, Eastern Jabliya camp (GAZA TIME 17:39)

VIDEO: #Mar15 – Security forces assault on Al Azhar uni – #Gaza (definitive & safe link)

No info about kidnapped Palestinian

Palestinian village under siege following settler killings

Jewish organizations endorse boycott of Israel

ei: Family of engineer believed kidnapped by Israel speak out

Life under occupation – 20: settlers on the rampage

PCHR Condemns Forceful Dispersal of Peaceful Assemblies in Gaza

Fisherman Wounded By Israeli Navy Fire

Two Palestinians Killed As Army Bombards Gaza Village

Abdallah Abu Rahmah freed from jail, vows fight against fence will continue

Israel launches deadly raid on Hamas

Rachel Corrie: A worldwide symbol of the Palestinian struggle

UN’s Serry backs Abbas trip to Gaza

Report: Palestinian killed by police in Gaza

Tel Aviv University operates undercover campus security force

Tel Aviv University operates undercover campus security force

Abbas Says Ready To Head To Gaza For Talks

TelAviv University operates undercover campus security force — IOA

UPDATE: Martyr’s full name is Baha’ Yasser El Ejleh, 19 y/o, from Bureij camp – beaten to death by Hamas forces at uni assault.

Barak: #Israel must counter building international pressure to recognize a #Palestinian state within 1967 borders:

#BREAKING #GAZA firetrucks are heading towards an unknown destination ( Gaza Time 17:53)

Two Palestinians Killed in Gaza Air Strikes, Two Bodies Found in Tunnels

Palestinian Youth Rally in NYC in Solidarity with March 15 Movement

Isreal to displace 13 Arab families from their homes in 1948 occupied lands

Prisoner Day, Hebron, Demonstration for Unity

MedicalAidPal: So far today have 2 reports of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and a report of Israeli navy shelling too

Spying for Israel: Egyptian government arrested a “foreigner” for spying for Israel.  This in the same week when…

UPDATE – Reports say the martyr is Yasser Al Ajleh (not Baha’) student of Al Aqsa uni, beaten up to death by Hamas forces. RIP #Gaza #Mar15

1 martyr this morning in the protests to end the division #Gaza #Palestine #Mar15

it is very difficult 2confirm news of death in #Gaza hamas:no 1killed cameraman: the guy was in critical condition guys in Gaza:dead #mar15

UN: Assistance to the Palestinian People – GA resolution 03/03/2011: A/RES/65/134 of 3 March 2011: UNITED NATIONS

How should the left respond to the Itamar murders?

#Mar15 Videos

Video of Al Azhar assault by Hamas forces;


الشهيد الفلسطيني .. من حي الصبرا .. من جامعة القدس المفتوحة .. تأكيد من أقاربه اثر اعتداءات قوات حماس على الجامعة


احنا مش ضد حكومة .. احنا مش ضد نظام .. احنا ضد الإنقسام .. وبدنا شعب فلسطيني واحد #Mar15 #Palestine

one death and still several guys are in critical condition one journalist stabbed in the back
#Gaza #mar15

attacking a lady for raising a palestinian flag

I uploaded a YouTube video — 002

in Bethlehem everything is going fine they have around 300-500 they had arguments with police about the tent but they will keep it #mar15

CONFIRMED: ONE MARTYR, Baha’ El Ejleh, killed by HAMAS security. #Mar15 #Gaza #Palestine

Waiting for confirmation from hospital about the martyr – yaaa rabb make it false alert. #Mar15 #Gaza

5 said detained in Ramallah-area overnight

Call from #Gaza the first martyr has fallen his name is Baha’ al A’jeh he was beaten to death by hamas guards #mar15 RIP

“Teenager injured during peaceful rally in #Hebron” #palestine #Mar15

Day of Rage in Hebron “Teenager injured during peaceful rally in Hebron”

-News of attacks in gaza on protesters increasing !
-They attacked us with clubs, they claimed my camera and my phone and aimed their machine guns at me, girls fainted! #Mar15…
-In stroll downtown #Ramallah,tens of #Mar15 protesters still put.More adding up,saying not moving till UNITY. | Tens not enough!
-According to the Pal. journalists syndicate, a reporter in #Gaza was stabbed in back today. Hospitalized at Shifa. #Mar15 via

Pic – #Mar15 In #Ramallah, hundreds are gathered in Al-Manara to support the strikers


Mar15 #March15Ramallah hundreds are gathered in Al-Manara to support the strikers

Why Israel is destroying Alarkib village 18 times? Video:

Video: #Mar15 – Woman assaulted for carrying Palestinian flag – #Gaza

-Gaza: warboats firing towards the beach

-” we call on government & media PLZ support us, we r suffering here”

Demo in Jerusalem and arrest one Palestinian Journalist by IDF today

Silwan residents released from prison

Startling new threats to children’s welfare emerge in Silwan

Israeli police attempt to seize children from their home in Wadi Hilweh

Listen Up: Caterpillar Man song honors Rachel Corrie

Demo in Jerusalem and arrest one Palestinian Journalist by IDF today

What about Israel’s Savage Actions?

Three Arrested in Hebron, Troops Cut Down Olive Trees, Pile Waste near Bethlehem

Small unity protest in Gaza attacked

Palestine Return Centre (PRC) delegation to UN Meeting in Vienna:

Protesting Ahava cosmetics @ Natural Expo West

GAZA Small unity protest in Gaza attacked: Date 16/03/2011, 15:04 (Jerusalem)

RT .. was there when a police man attacked a female student 4 holding a palestine flag! SHAMEFULL

To the people of Palestine, keep the tweets and images coming in #Mar15

#Mar15 #March15Ramallah hunger strikers are up to 25 now, spirits are high and we’re determined to go all the way to the end

Israel invades Gaza Strip, 8 bulldozers & 4 vehicles started razing operations to agricultural lands s/massive gunfire

Hamas forces ‘beat students at Gaza university’ – AFP #Mar15

#mar15 ramallah protests — الشعب يريد إنهاء الانقسام و إنتخاب مجلس وطني جديد

-Demo infront of Red Cross closed,all participants arrested incl. Khaleel Alwazeer, Yusef ElNoori, Moaz Altallaa. #mar15
-live over phone protesters in Nablus chanting “raise your voice loudly, our unity is the basis” #mar15
-Unis seem to be targeted by Hamas forces; AlQuds uni had its pack of agents surrounding it as students were chanting. Now calm.
-Gaza is having it all today earlier 3 Pals were killed in an air strike, n arrests n crack downs by Hamas police,
-Medical sources report that a number of injured had rushed to hospital after Hamas crackdown of AlAzhar uni area.
-Hamas forces beat students at Gaza university.
-#15mar Red Cross Gaza refused receive young people sit in Red Cross Allowed Hamas arrests them cos RC not part of conflict

#IDF in Awarta 3 #ISM activists trapped in village. Doubts murderer is #Palestinian

BREAK | #Mar15 youth protests chanting “PALESTINIAN WANT END THE DIVISION” although they beaten and arrested right now in #Gaza
grupo de protestadores arrestados en frente de la #Palstina #Gaza por pedir terminar la devision

Gaza: a group of activists were arrested in front of the #ICRC #mar15
Gaza: We need a new system, not unity between two dead bodies.
قوات حماس في غزة تحاصر جميع المباني الجامعية لمنع اي تجمعات من الدخول او الخروج و يقومون بالإعتداء على المعتصمين في الداخل #Mar15 #Gaza

In #Gaza,students locked up/beaten by forces in plain clothes,policemen in AlAzhar uni. Chants were PEACEFUL!

President Abbas has an initiative 2 come 2 gaza 2morrow 2 reform a unity government,might make a press conference soon!

Pavlovian Racism

Coordinated demonstrations held across the Palestinian Territories: “March 15” rallies in Gaza and West Bank call for Palestinian Unity

Story of Chile’s Palestinian Refugee Community, Past and Present

Hamas welcomes Abbas’ readiness to visit Gaza

The Palestinian Factions and the Bollywood Soap Opera to End Division

RT @Mondoweiss RT @Sameeha88: STill stuck at the Open university. Hamas attacked the university. Ambulances heard all over #march15

Abbas ready for ‘reconciliation’ with Hamas

Thabit organization criticizes Israel’s media campaign against UNRWA

Abbas Says He’s Prepared to Visit Gaza Strip to Heal Relations With Hamas

Iran denies sending weapons to Gaza

Two Palestinians found dead after tunnel exploded south of Rafah

Abbas Won’t Seek Re-Election

Israeli forces assault elderly couple during arrest in Beit Ummar


Fatah militias attack women’s march in Al-Khalil

sound of fire shooting around universities area in #Gaza #mar15 (palTime 14:44)

Two Palestinians killed in Gaza Blitz

Hamas forces beat students at Gaza university

Israel’s law of the jungle

Two Palestinians Killed in Israeli Airstrike on Gaza

a group of activists were arrested in front of the #ICRC #mar15

Awarta man injured after mauled by police dogs

Netanyahu: Hamas wants the release of 100 “dangerous” prisoners

Abbas ready for ‘reconciliation’ Palestinian president willing to visit Hamas-ruled Gaza …

Red Cross & Media agencies refused protecting #Mar15 Youth protests in #Gaza being beaten up by from Hamas force. v @mar15_palestine

Jewish Week publisher op-ed: ” #BDS movement is dangerous for Israel and gaining momentum”:

NOW |Red cross and Media agencies refused protecting #Mar15 youth protests in #Gaza from Hamas forces, and Hamas are beating them right now

A protest vigil to commemorate the Nakba and to demand the UK government act to end the siege on Gaza….

Petition the UN in support of declaring a Palestinian state:

الصليب الأحمر وعدد من المؤسسات الإعلامية رفضو التدخل لحماية الاعتصامات وفك الحصار عن طلبة الجامعات الأزهر والقدس المفتوحة #Mar15 #Gaza

Protesters,Police,Thugs,Cleaning,Meals,Violence, Brutality,Arrest,Injuries, and we topped those, with Hunger strike #Mar15 #Ramallah

We tried to gather at some aria but each 10 meters we had to face Hamas security guards with clubs. #Mar15 #Gaza

In Chile in front israel emb.protest for Palest.unity&freedom.

#15mar Hamas police arrested twentieth of youth protestersin front of the Red Cross, which refused to receive them within

Anyone with footage of violence in #Gaza deliver the footage to international news agancies, they started to respond #mar15

#palestine #Mar15 Hamas welcomes President’s #Abbas innitiative: Abbas said he’s ready to go to Gaza to form unity gov’t and prepare elections.

We were not even demonstrating! We’re stuck here.. Situation is really dangerous! #march15

Settler fires on Palestinian car from moving vehicle

On Al Arabiya prof. speaks from inside Azhar university in Gaza, telling about attacks. #Gaza

Settlement products end up in Danish supermarkets and restaurants | DanWatch |

yesterday. and a witness reported seeing people going to the hospital with broken bones

the police has closed the doors of Al Azhar university and they are beating the shit outta the students because they joined us

Students at Al Azhar university n #Gaza asking for help after hamas closed the university & terminated network connections #Palestine #Mar15

Not good enough! Danish company halts equipment supply to West Bank in wake of public protest

#Bilin #Palestine #Israel

Abbas says he is ready to go to #Gaza #Palestine #Mar15

Too Sad for reading this incident in the risky tunnel in Gaza

this picture has the funniest title, and caption :D

A great Picture from Yesterday protest in Ramallah

President Abbas on TV saying that he will come to #gaza within few days to meet hayiyeh #mar15

According to the Pal. journalists syndicate, a reporter in Gaza was stabbed in back today. Hospitalized at Shifa. #Mar15

Hearing sirens again,probably ambulances rushing for casualties as Israeli F16s remain in Gaza’s sky,deep explosions r still being heard! PalTime 13:07

PALESTINE | ‘Srahina’ meets her 10 year old daughter for the first time after 9 years in prison, but she and her…

Israeli f16s roaming Gaza’s sky and I can hear deep far explosions! 13:06 Pal time

Popular Rally Calls for Palestinian Unity in Nablus

Protesters (both genders) sieged at al azhar university r being attacked and beaten up! allah ma3ko

Gaza isnt safe!Hamas everywhere!protesters r sieged in alazhar university! thinks look bad and controlled!

PLO: Israel has exploited Itamar murders

To anyone who says we were not attacked by fateh #mar15 — Fateh thugs attack protesters in Ramallah

Palestinians: Three killed in Israel air strike on Gaza

Two killed in Israeli airstrike near Gaza City: medics

Sameh_Habeeb: Teenager injured during peaceful rally in Hebron

Tunnel Vision: A Response to Malcolm F. Lowe

Amr: Fatah paid $1m to steer youth demonstration against Hamas

Israeli forces withdraw from Awarta

Seems like Hamas forces are ready – while claiming supporting #Mar15 movement – to arrest the whole city to prevent protests. #Gaza

Huge number f students at alazhar university been surounded by hamas forces 2 stop them from protesting,they’re arristing alot ! #gaza #mar15

Khirbet Tana – Before and After Demolitions stills, March 2011 (B’Tselem):

In Gaza, security forces are spoting protesters, tracking them. The city is under tight control, any protester is arrested. Mar15

PA security surround protesters in #Ramallah they are behind the cars, trying to hide that they are still there ! #mar15

3000 students are now encircled by Hamas security in AlAzhar Univ. to keep them away from protesting in the streets : gaza

Israeli airstrike kills two Palestinians in Gaza -…

Israeli liberals are not the right audience for anti-occupation activists

YouTube – ibtaloul’s Channel:

Gaza: hamas police is hunting down protesters they have shut them in alazhar university 2000 students

A protest infront of the red cross in #Gaza #mar15 #Jala’astreet

Criticism of Criticism of Criticism of Criticism

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza security target: Hamas

“March 15″ rallies in Gaza and West Bank call for Palestinian Unity

Hamas: 2 West Bank affiliates arrested by PA

Iran responds to weapons ship seizure: Israel is regime of lies

2 killed, 1 injured in Gaza City airstrike

Iran denies sending arms ship,7340,L-4043043,00.html

Frequently Asked Questions about Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS)

Calls to continue protests, unity action

MAAN BREAKING: Israeli forces withdraw from Awarta; 40 detained, damages reported

Two killed in Gaza tunnel explosion

Israeli army attacks south Gaza Strip


Rachel Corrie Memorial 1979 – 2003

‘Britain 2 Gaza’ to set sail in May

OPT: Blockade frustrates Gaza students

West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

Palestinian Village Under Siege Following Settler Killings

Gaza govt sends Goldstone updates to UN

Protest for Unity in Hebron

Ramallah protesters remain unbowed

6 workers injured in Rafah tunnel

On the 8th anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s stand in Gaza

Protesters in Gaza issue ‘statement no. 1’

#Mar15 #March15Ramallah News on last night injuries: 2 men and 1 lady were hospitalized and got out safe

Uruguay recognizes Palestinian State

Popular Rally Calls for Palestinian Unity in Nablus

Indonesia supports Palestine’s push for independence

Mondoweiss: Miral at the U.N.: Under Hollywood gloss, the truth about Israel/Palestine is revealed

Intercepted munitions-carrying ship enters Ashdod Port,7340,L-4042945,00.html

Human Rights or Money for  Silence

Hamas Accuses Maan Agency Of Publishing Falsified Reports

Turkey condemns Itamar attack, settlements

France: EU recognition of Palestinian state a ‘possibility’,7340,L-4042929,00.html

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