Why is it that Israel refuses to even investigate the possibility that the horrendous murder of an Israeli family of settlers might have been done by a NON Palestinian? It was reported yesterday on an Arab news site that the suspect in the killing was a disgruntled Asian worker. It was posted on THIS Website as well as on a number of other Blogs…. Except for THIS report from the Jerusalem Post (denying the possibility) there was NOT ONE WORD in the Israeli press.

I can only conclude that Israel does not want to acknowledge the possibility that this might be true. Zionism can only continue in its chosen path by maintaining its polices of racism and oppression. In the Pavlovian sense, those two elements are what makes the zionist salivate like the dog used in Pavlov’s experiments.

Automatically putting the blame on an unknown Palestinian allows the continuation of the collective punishment of the entire mass of Palestinians living in the Occupied West Bank. It gives the government of Israel the excuse to expand its existing settlements and build new ones despite International Laws which have rendered those acts illegal.

It also gives impetus and self justification to the extreme right in Israel to expand their operations and seek out support abroad. Read THIS report for an example of that… Right-wing Israeli group heads to Washington to drum up support

The ‘victim card’ has been the most successful tool used by the zionist state since its inception. It is not prepared to stop using that as long as it works, which it has been for the past 63 years. The true victims of the situation do not have a ‘card’ to pull out or a Lobby to put their demands forward in the world arena. For Peace to become a reality this must change so that Palestine DOES become a member of the Community of Nations. There is no other viable solution.


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