Protesters in Gaza issue ‘statement no. 1’



March 16, 2011
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Demonstrators in Al-Katiba square in Gaza decided not to leave the place under any circumstance in statement number one which the demonstrators announced.

The statement was issued just before Hamas security forces violently dispersed the rally, according to witnesses.

The demonstrators called in their statement not to back off from the basic demand which is to end the division until the divided parties hear the people’s voice.

The statement confirmed on the necessity of self-control in the face of any provocation that they could be subjected to in order to disperse them.

The statement added that the “cohesion of the people in Gaza, especially in Al-Katiba square, is peaceful protests, not political and serves the national interests.

“What the youth did in Tunisia and Egypt is pride for the people, make your people proud of you. Stay on what you are, no leaving and no defeat until the end of division,” the statement added.

They called on all the Palestinian parties and organizations to support them and not to say they are the organizers.


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