Three Arrested in Hebron, Troops Cut Down Olive Trees, Pile Waste near Bethlehem

16.03.11 – 15:01PNN – Palestine News Network

Hebron – PNN – On Wednesday morning, dawn raids conducted by the Israeli army ended with the arrests of three Palestinians, as settler attacks escalated and Israeli soldiers near Nablus cut down and confiscated Palestinian olive trees.


An Israeli bulldozer clearing Palestinian land (PNN Archive).








Secure local sources in the Old City of Hebron told Palestinian state-run news wire Wafa that the arrested men were Musa’b al-Atrash and two brothers, Atta and Tha’ir Abu Ramouz. They were taken to an unknown location.

Another Palestinian named Murad Ibrahim Abu Omar was interrogated but not arrested when Israeli troops conducted a home invasion of his house in the Jabal Sharif area of the Old City.

Settlers in Hebron also threw stones and dirty water at Palestinian houses in the Old City, while Israeli troops fired live bullets at a passing Palestinian car leaving the village of Beni Na’im, bursting its tires.

Near Nablus in the northern West Bank, Israeli bulldozers cut down and confiscated about 150 olive trees near the village of Beit Dajjan. Eyewitnesses in the village said seven bulldozers were supported by Israeli troops and that the trees belonged to local villager Jamal Abu Kan’an.

Near Artas, west of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank, Israeli authorities began piling waste early in a Palestinian valley early on Wednesday morning. Awad Abu Sawi, the Bethlehem director of the local Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, said that trucks showed up in the valley and dumped the trash in an area adjacent to both an Israeli settlement and a Palestinian grove of apricot trees.

Abu Sawi said he was afraid the large piles of waste would pollute the earth and damage Artas crops.

The incident comes just two days after Israeli settlers in the southern West Bank set up new illegal settlement units near the Palestinian village of Jab’a and flew the Israeli flag over them.


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