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Consequences of Israeli Chemical Weapons

Arab empowerment could equal doomsday for Israel

‘Israel will be biggest loser in region after changes,’ expert says

iRemember… | الشهداء

Hague call over Israel settlements

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Bureij refugee camp, got dispersed by Hamas agents. Among injured, one organizer. #Mar15 (via @GazaYBO)

Israeli Jews continue to attack Palestinians, both in the West Bank and inside Israel, in the wake..

  • They got attacked by internal security after they provoked some of officers. Their behavior wasn’t acceptable at all. #Mar15 (via @GazaYBO)
  • 4 guys wanted to show off by refusing to go out using UN cars&left on foot chanting people want to end division. #Mar15 (via @GazaYBO) #Gaza
  • Hamas ordered to close all mosques tomorrow so that where won’t be any protests right after the prayer #mar15

If Libya was Palestine, this UN resolution would be added to a long list of buried decrees ignored by th…

A number of protesters injured in Burieg refugee camp after hammas’s attack of the protest Mar15

I’m Palestinian, my land has been stolen, my family has been killed, but my spirit will stay alive. Free…

GYBO: latest updates! The UNRWA turned in 4 protesters to hammas security forces after the refused to leave the UNRWA #Mar15

Adicionei um vídeo como favorito do YouTube — Gaza Genocide Cartoons Arabic

Hamas Ready to Resolve All Issues with Palestinian President

The Holy Rosenbergs: Kosher cast makes the Gaza conflict hit home – Daily Mail

Filmmaker Julian Schnabel: “Only Jewish people can drive to Jerusalem in 15 minutes” –

“I would not want to be part of a queer community that does not support rights for every person, including Palestinians”

Army to close West Bank, Gaza over holiday: Date 17/03/2011, 22:59 (Jerusalem)

Egypt loses LE 100 billion from gas exports to Israel since 2005

Deafening Silence as Gaza under Israeli siege alquds.flv

Palestinian young women continue to lead cheers at #Almanara, #Ramallah

BREAKING: Israel Navy intercepts ship carrying large load of Japanese sushi and brings it safely to Ashdod. PM to hold news conference.

Ramallah: Protesters suspend hunger strike

  • RT Nour Odeh just spoke to pple who received activists fr. UNRWA. There were attempts to beat 1 guy,they stopped them.Girls are OK

Palin plans to stop in Israel, meet with Netanyahu

Palestinians attacked at West Bank #settlement as tensions rise:


A Special Place in Hell-Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News source.:

AFP: Hamas, Fatah make ‘unity’ overtures under pressure:

Hamas police detain 3 at pro-unity Gaza rally – Yahoo! News:

Pic 8 .. UNITY tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square

Pic 7 .. sit-in tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square ..

Pic 6 .. sit-in tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square ..

Pic 5 .. sit-in tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square

Pic 4 .. sit-in tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square ..

Pic 3 .. sit-in tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square

Pic 2 .. sit-in tent in #Bethlehem Nativity Square

Palestinian man says masked men attacked him in Israeli #settlement in West Bank:


Sad to hear that protesters have now to face brutality alone (UN #Mar15 #Palestine)

Hamas breaks up pro-reconciliation rally in Gaza – Ha’aretz

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in OPT (10-16 March 2011)

  • We got a call from central gaza telling us that they are being attacked and need our support

March 15 coalition launches petition

UNRWA trying to resolve crisis

Social media fuel Palaestinian protest movement against Hamas in Gaza Strip

  • We hear bad news coming from Gaza, people are being shot at, please anyone there update us and spread the word #Mar15 #March15Ramallah #Gaza
  • Confirm now from a source in Gaza…it’s bad (21:30 Gaza Time)
  • Palestinians from 1948 join #Ramallah Protest! Amazing! #mar15
  • Presidential Guard brought food the people screamed ‘we don’t want food we want to end the division’ #Mar15
  • Shame on local radios they air crap as if nothing is going around & ppl don’t give a shit about it #fail #Palestinianradios
  • Presidential Guard brought food the people screamed ‘we don’t want food we want to end the division’ Palestine

Ill youth from Gaza, who for 16 days was denied entry to Israel to receive treatment, dies in East Jerusalem hospital died.

  • #mar15 taking pictures of them. They threatened them with a very brutal torture if they contribute in any further activism to end division

Settler vandals continue to do damage

IOF bar children of Daher Al-Maleh village from going to their schools

Cracks appear in #Gaza blockade

Jewish and Democratic: Palestinian father says Israeli authorities sentenced his 13 and 14 year old teens

IDF displays advanced weapons for Gaza it says seized on Turkish cargo ship

  • Via radio, Libya’s Gadhafi tells Benghazi residents “we are coming tonight’ and ‘there won’t be any mercy’ – Reuters

Remember last time Israel faked a weapons ship and the give away “Ministry of Sepah” labels?

Jerusalem residents exempted from tax will eventually not b considered Jerusalem residents&lose their residency rights

The Hamas police fired on demonstrators in the Bureij camp and there is injuries

Israel says trees planted on ‘state land’

Gaza City: Hamas security forces disperse demonstration

TEDxRamallah: Taking Palestinian “Ideas worth Spreading” Around the World

Manzarek & Krieger of the Doors, honor your humane legacy and cancel your show in Israel

Things are going sooo well in Al-Manara…hundreds merged together to chant for Palestine

Netanyahu’s exploitation of the murders at Itamar | Nehemia Strasler | Haaretz

Israel’s cruel punishment of the very ill in Gaza | Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Hunger Strikers on 2nd day

Israeli police special forces attempted to seize 3 children yesterday from their homes in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli forces withdraw from #Awarta after 4 days of curfew and home searches. Residents report mass damages.

Schnabel: “You shouldn’t have to be Jewish to be free in Israel… It is apartheid… It is shocking.”:

Activists highlight links between Ben Gurion U & Israeli military, in campaign to cut ties w/ U of Johannesburg:

JC: Edinburgh Students Union votes for boycott Students vote overwhelmingly to boycott Israeli goods

ei: The Palestine Papers and the “Gaza coup”

Sami Is Saved From Death In A Settlers Attack

MADA: Palestinian Police and Israeli Troops Attacked Journalists this Week

Abbas PA established secret committee with US, Israel, Egypt to undermine national unity govt

Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi masterminded slaughter of Gaza kids, but was received as honored guest by PA in Bethlehem

When you invite Abbas to Gaza, you invite Gabi Ashkenazi with him

Palestinian unity movement’s goal strikes at heart of Israeli occupation strategy of divide and conquer

Young Gazan fisherman shot in abdomen

Standoff at UNWRA building in Gaza

NGO: Settlers uproot Hebron olive trees

Masked settlers attack Palestine

Palestinian Bedouins in al-Araqib: “We won’t leave”

Bad romance: Poland and Israel’s “love story”

Palestinian man attacked in Israeli settlement – Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • Gaza: One of the protesters is so badly beaten that his leg is broken, he is being sent to the hospital.

Protests continue in al-Manara – Palestine Monitor

Foreign press not interested in the Zionist entity’s bogus weapons ship story:

Hasbara really becoming cruder by the day

Police had a bus with a capacity of about 25. They were arresting people and putting them in there.

  • Gaza: They just beat & arrested some male & female protesters who were on the front line of the protest,took them inside UNRWA HQ

Meanwhile, no accountability in the killing of two Palestinians from nearby village last year. (Itamar militia suspected)

Village under military curfew, hundreds interrogated following the killing of a family in a nearby settlement

Families demand Abbas to prove his good faith and free their relatives

Nablus: Protests for unity continue

Settler attack leaves worker injured

In Gaza, Anticipation over Abbas’ Proposed Visit

نحنا فلسطين في كل مكان 15 اذار — 15th 2011

Getting ready to go to UK to speak in Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham & London March 19-24. Details

  • Gaza: Security agents asking protesters to leave the area, protesters replying we are here because we want unity to our nation.

This is mainstream Zionist “argument” against critics of occupation.,7340,L-4041263,00.html

  • Whether that is the intention or not, it is the result. Abbas has yet to renounce his full anti-Palestinian cooperation with Israel.
  • When you “reconcile” with Abbas, be clear and honest that you are “reconciling” with the occupation and all its crimes.

Report: Israeli artillary fire hit east of Gaza City

“Independents” paving way for Abbas to re-enter Gaza should tell him to invite his friend Gabi Ashkenazi with him

Mar 15 – LIVE at

Nazi comparisons apparently ok, as long as they are only used in defense of Israeli settlers

Israel anguished over failure of propaganda, incitement against Palestinians following heinous Itamar colony killings

Israeli Premier Angry at Abbas” Potential Visit to Gaza

Youths call for mega march towards Occupied Jerusalem

F16s drop leaflets on northern Gaza

Today Hamas thugs attack #Palestinians, high school female students in #Gaza, because they are calling for division end mar16th #Mar15

Protests for National Unity

Un mois d’insurrection en Libye : Kadhafi annonce « une bataille décisive »


Palestine Video #Mar15

Wanting an End to the Split

Independents pave way for Abbas in Gaza

Palestinians lose land amid West Bank settler attacks

Two Palestinians Injured in Shiloh Settler Attacks, Settlers Hold Wedding in Nablus Holy Site

Calls to reveal fate of four Palestinians detained in Egypt

IOF bar children of Daher Al-Maleh village from going to their schools

Ukraine PM hedges on report Israelis seized visitor

Overnight Israeli Raids Conclude with At Least Three Arrests, Clashes at Bethlehem School

Settlers uproot olive trees near Nablus

Palestinian workers attecked in settlement,7340,L-4043664,00.html

Netanyahu wants retaliation

Bethlehem: Clashes between students, military in Tuku

Report highlights widespread detention of Palestinian children

Israeli Settler Minister: We Published Pictures of Corpses for Hasbara

Demonstration for unity / Manifestation appelant a l’unite, Bethlehem, 15.03.2011


Edinburgh students union overwhelmingly passes motion to boycott Israeli goods

US Foreign Policy encourages Oppression

Ramallah: Hunger strikers declare pause

Abbas: “Israel Rushes To Blame The Palestinians For Itamar Killings Before Truth Is Even Known”

Israeli artillery shelling of eastern border area in Gaza yesterday

Report: Palestinian cars torched in northern Israel

Facebook Activist Charged With Incitement And “Humiliating Public Employee”

Army Bombards Gaza

Soldiers Abuse A Palestinian Company Guard Near Ramallah

Jordan: Israeli settlements illegal

Gaza groups call on Hamas to probe attacks on peaceful rallies

Wataniya guard briefly detained

Images of protests from the Gaza Strip

Noam Chomsky on Middle East uprisings and fake democracy | Video

Palestine Protests – Live Report

Violent clashes erupt in Jerusalem’s Sawwana district

Israel uproots Palestinian olive trees near Nablus

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