Sami Is Saved From Death In A Settlers Attack

Thursday March 17, 2011 19:06 by Jeany Massad – IMEMC and agencies

While Sami was working in a settlement between Ramallah and Nablus, he was surprised by eight settlers who attacked him and beat him aggressively. Sami is 31 years old from a village called Ytima. He was moved to a hospital in Ramallah because he was beaten on his head, arms, legs and back.


Sami was wondering where the settlers came from. He was shocked when he heard their loud voices in the second floor where he was working. He had been working in the settlement for three months. He stopped working there for 1 week but hard life conditions forced him to return to that settlement again yesterday.

Sami’s ordeal lasted for fifteen minutes, afraid he was to be killed by these settlers. He tried to avoid their aggressive beating but in vain. They kept striking him until they thought that he died and then ran away. Then came the Police and the ambulance and took him to a hospital in Ramallah.

Maher Ghnaim – the minister of state – had condemned this attack against Sami and stated that the event showed that all of the settlers and the occupation forces’ attacks are previously planned and not related to the murder in Itimar settlement.

Ghneim blamed the Israeli occupation for everything done by the settlers. He also claimed that the escalation of settlers attacks hasn’t come as a result of the killing of five settles in Itamar settlement and it was accompanied by the continuous escalation of the military’s procedures.


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