Awaiting the next Israeli Whitewash: UN expert panel reports little progress in probe of possible Gaza war crimes

Attack on Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead"

The Associated Press | Fri, 18 Mar 2011 14:43:00 CST

GENEVA – A U.N.-appointed expert panel has reported little progress by either Israel or the Palestinians in investigating if war crimes occurred in 2009 in Gaza.

A panel chaired by former New York Supreme Court Judge Mary McGowan Davis on Friday said Israeli authorities “significantly constrained” the panel by refusing to provide access to Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza via Israel.

It said Israel launched investigations into separate incidents but “much remains to be accomplished” if it is to be determined if war crimes occurred during Israel’s incursion into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Nearly 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed during the incursion.

The panel said it was also “extremely concerned” Hamas did not investigate rocket and mortar attacks against Israel.


The Massacre Day by Day

So judge for yourself, and just let your eyes convince you, if this war on Gaza “Cast Lead” was a crime or not. All about Israel’s War on Gaza coded “Cast Lead” you can find here:  Never Cast Lead Again

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