This is Zionism: Eden Abergil: ‘I’m B-A-C-K’

Eden Abergil: ‘I’m B-A-C-K’

eden abergil death to arabs 

Eden Abergil’s homicidal Facebook rants: ‘Fuck you, stinking Arabs’

Just like a bad penny or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Eden Abergil is back to wreak havoc once more. Several months ago she found notoriety by proudly uploading to her Facebook account pictures of her simpering as an IDF soldier next to blindfolded Palestinian prisoners. She clearly was primping for the cameras and using the prisoners as her own personal props over which she could lord herself and gloat.

She mortally embarrassed the IDF for about 5 nanoseconds and was made to issue a faux-sincere apology:

I apologize if anyone was hurt [by what I did].   I actually took pains to look after prisoners.

Now she’s back, but in much bloodier form. Once again, she’s using Facebook, and once again she’s uploaded the formerly embarrassing pictures of abused Palestinian prisoners.  But now she’s expressing downright homicidal views.  Ido Kenan reports (Hebrew) that she come out swinging against not only the killers of the Fogel family of Itamar, but all Arabs.  In the first posting she writes:


In the second, she writes:

Fuck you, stinking Arabs!!!

In the third she writes:


One of his Facebook Friends jokingly warned her that the new images might end up on TV.  To which she replied:

Death to Arabs.  Let ‘em!

This is the true face of Israeli youth.  At least a large slice who harbor barely concealed homicidal rage against all Palestinians that needs only the spark of a terror act to rear its ugly head.  No recognition, of course, on the part of Ms. Abergil that her own actions as an IDF soldier in abusing prisoners under her “care” did their share to fuel fires of hatred.

It shouldn’t be any wonder that one of the “lucky” Palestinians to have himself degraded before the world in these pictures, was sentenced this week to 7 1/2 years in prison for allegedly arranging for the preparation of suicide vests.  It didn’t assist the convicted man that he claimed he’s actually persuaded a would-be suicide bomber not to carry out an act of terror.  Such claims are automatically discounted in the face of Shabak “evidence.”

H/t to Dena Shunra.

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Source: Tikun Olam


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