Bethlehem’s Unity Tent Refuse to Welcome US Consulate Delegation

19.03.11 – 14:44

Monjed Jado – PNN Exclusive – Palestinian youth protesting at the Manger square in Bethlehem refused to welcome an official delegation from the US Consulate of Jerusalem.


Unity Tent Protesters – Photo By Ghassan Bannoura

Young men and women set up their Unity Tent on Tuesday as part of the March 15 Youth Movement. They call for national unity and democratically elected Palestinian National Council that sees participation from Palestinians all over the world.

It is not known wither the visit was official or arranged, as the delegation was visiting Bethlehem in general.

Youth welcomed the delegation as individuals just as they welcomed all people from all over the world who support the Palestinian people. However, they refused to welcome the delegates of the Consulate as officials due to the American veto of UN resolution against Israeli settlements.

The young men and women also criticized the Sheikh of the Manager square mosque, who said during his sermon on Friday that young men and women protesting together are against the values of Islam. The youth say that they are brothers and sisters demanding National unity and asked the Sheikh to apologize.

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