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Village of Awarta faced mass arrests, violence and massive destruction during five days of curfew

In loving memory of Mohammed Nabbous

Teirawi threatens Hamas to destabilize its rule in Gaza:

Silwan committee: Detained children gone through behavioral changes

Gaza: Stop Suppressing Peaceful Protests

Israeli shelling destroys Gaza power lines

Settlers attack Zatari family in Al Buwayre, wounding father

IDF officials say assassination of Hamas leaders an option,7340,L-4044576,00.html

Abbas asks Egypt to support unity initiative

Medics: Settlers attack Palestinian man

PA detains 18 Palestinians at Allenby crossing

Light a candle for Mohammed Nabbous at – please retweet – #Libya #Feb17

Veteran US reporter Thomas lashes Israel, again

PA detains 18 Palestinians at Allenby crossing: Date 19/03/2011, 18:56 (Jerusalem)

Medics: Settlers attack Palestinian man

#Updates: from my #blog Updates  – Thank you for comment and retweet #Gaza #Mar15

Tomorrow AlAzhar university at 11! BE THERE #Mar15

Hamas urged to cease attacks on demonstrators: Date 19/03/2011, 18:31 (Jerusalem)

Murdering Babies is “Permissible” When They’re Palestinian

Check this video out — Cliff Notes: What They Don’t Tell You About Apartheid Israel.

Abbas and Hanneye should apologize to Gazans before they come into reconciliation
(17:37 PalTime)

In Gaza, Hamas forces rough up protesters, reporters

All respect to the Gazan girls; Much respect for what they did and what they are going to do specially @EbaaRezeq90 #Mar15

تهرب الناطق الرسمي لحماس ابو زهري من الرد علي الصحفين بمؤتمر صحفي| | #mar15

Gaza journalist: Hamas threatened to kill me. Arabic version coming soon.

  • #Mar15 ladies protesters are receiving an ordinance & threatening msg from Hamas forces due to joining #EndDivision demonstrations
  • A new press statment to be released soon by #mar15 in response to violence esclation today in #gaza (17:11 PalTime)

#GAZA: Hamas forces threating the journalists protesters if they go out to the Al
#Jundi streets #NOW. #Mar15 #Palestine
(17:11 PalTime)

GAZA: we’re now with journalists who protesting blew their Media offices @Reuters @AP .. etc due to Hamas forces attack Today. (17:10 PalTime)

Two Palestinians were arrested in Tuwanni after settlers attacked a protest olive tree planting on land threatened by settlement expansion

Al-Manara 2 hours before the protest #mar15

Gaza journalist: Hamas threatened to kill me

Ramallah, Gaza #Mar15

Erasing Palestine from Lifta

Reconciliation, Resistance and Bad Timing


Press conference planned by #Gaza ministry of Interior has been delayed (or canceled, suspense) #mar15

I am a Jew. I support the millions of other Jews… who want a nation of Palestine

Palestinian youth still holding protest activities in Bethlehem / Les jeunes Palestiniens continuent leurs manifestations a Bethleem, 18.03.2011

PLC Head Hopes To Join Abbas In His Gaza Visit

Solidarity with #Mar15 : Demonstration for peace in Palestine held in Valletta

Bethlehem’s Unity Tent Refuse to Welcome US Consulate Delegation

Q:how you see the Attacks on Journalist?A:Salam Alaykom. this is Historical (#mar15)

Electricity out bs can’t help tweeting this nonesense from my phone! Efta7o 97.2! 2al ta7alof!
#mar15 (PalTime 15:34)

Jewish author to speak about ‘The Path to Peace in Israel/Palestine’ – Kalamazoo Gazette –

Israel strikes Gaza after massive rocket barrage on south – Ha’aretz

Israel lodges formal complaint with UN over barrage of Gaza rockets – Ha’aretz

#Mar15 Protests | Video 5

#Mar15 Protests | Video 7

#Mar15 Protests | Video 9

#Mar15 Protests | Video 12

Press Conference Hamas (15:20 PalTime)

RT: Hamas owned AlAqsa TV aired press conf held by officials conf disrupted after Reuters reporter asked embarassing quest #Mar15 (15:10 PalTime)

  • Hamas officials press conference avoiding reuters question  (PalTime 15:02)
  • Mar 15 – LIVE at (PalTime 15:00)
  • Journos should keep on asking inconvenient questions at #Gaza Ministry of Interior press conference. (14:54 PalTime)
  • لشعب يريد إنهاء الإنقسام | | #Palestine #EndDivision #Mar15 (14:52 PalTime)
  • HAMAS you’ve lost any credibility #mar15 #gaza (14:52 PalTime)
  • مش فاهمة الجملة.يعني ايش هناك بعض المحاولات لاستغلال التحرك الشبابي من اجل خلق البلبلة والفوضى ؟عنجد يعني اي فوضى الي قصدكم عليها !؟ #mar15 ( 14:52 PalTime)
  • Press Conf. in 10 mins #Gaza #hamas #Mar15 (14:48 PalTime)
  • Gaza ministry of Interior announces another press conf at 3pm. So far 23 got arrested today for taking part in protests. (14:46 PalTime)
  • So are the journalists that are protesting now also Fateh-funded and want to bring about CHAOS!! ? (14:45 PalTime)
  • Hamas police threatened me with death&attack my son if I wrote anything on my blog& Facebook when they beat me&arrested me in Sit-in #MAR15 (14:42 PalTime)
  • Attempts to disperse protest in front of Haniya’s house, and journalists’ protest in front of Al shorooq building!!!!!! #mar15 #gaza (14:43 PalTime)
  • #NOW here in #Gaza, Hamas forces attacking Journalists protesters in #Jundi . #Mar15 #Palestine (14:42 PalTime)
  • So they are announcing KAMAN conference?! (14:40 PalTime)
  • #Mar15 protesters in #Gaza confirm again: “our goal is to end this division, we are palestinians before all and mainly independents” (14:39 PalTime)
  • hamas police used forced to spill over protesters in front of #Reuters building al rimal #mar15 (14:38 PalTime)
  • More journalists joining protest in front of Al-Shorooq building in response to Hamas’ attacks and confiscation of tapes from offices #mar15 (14:38 PalTime)
  • NOW: Over than 300 protesters #Mar15 are now in front of Prime Minister Hanyia for #EndDivision in #Gaza #Palestine (14:38 PalTime)
  • Police disperse pro-unity protest in Gaza: Date 19/03/2011, 13:57 (Jerusalem)
  • More than 50 journalists protesting in front of Shourok press tower in according of attacking them in #Jundi sq. #Mar15 (14:33 PalTime)
  • Hamas forces and Hania’s police attacked the protesters in worst way that you could ever imagine ! #gaza #mar15 (14:37 PalTime)
  • Apparently press conf already disrupted! (14:30 PalTime)
  • More than 50 journalists protesting in front of Shourok press tower in according of attacking them in #Jundi sq. #Mar15 (14:33 PalTime)
  • Hamas forces and Hania’s police attacked the protesters in worst way that you could ever imagine ! #gaza #mar15 (14:37 PalTime)
  • Apparently press conf already disrupted! (14:30 PalTime)
  • 200 people reach Haniya house calling for freedom of peaceful protest #mar15 (14:29 Gaza Time)
  • A crowd of approximately 300 gathered in front of PM Haniyyeh’s house amidst crack down on #Mar15 protests. #Gaza (14:28 Gaza Time)
  • Gaza : Press conf will be held at 3 for ministry of interior in gaza, 23 demonstrators were arrested, march to Haniya house in Al sahtie (14:28 Gaza Time)
  • Waiting for video footage of school girls attacked by Hamas, among other docs. #Gaza #Mar15 | u take care sister!!
  • Hamas press conf on Al Aqsa TV was disrupted after question regarding Hamas’ attack on Reuters’ office in #Gaza #mar15
  • @ibtihal4 Tayyeb give me ur infos if u have any. (14:26 Paltime)
  • Hamas press conf was televised by Aqsa TV and then stopped after question . stay tuned pices and vids are soon
  • More than 300 protesters infront of hania’s house right now . allaho akbar . lets see what he will do !! #gaza #mar15 #palestine
  • #GAZA | Hamas ordered its Ministry of the Interior to prevent any demonstration for #Mar15 #EndDivision from Today!
  • Calls for #journalists to protest in front of Al Shorooq building in Remal
  • Protest heading to Haniya’s house at beach camp nowww, everybody to Beach camp yalla #mar15
  • Let’s see if Haniya will let the police disperse the protest in front of his house violently too, beating and insulting even women #mar15
  • Calls for journalists to protest in front of Al Shorooq building in Remal nowww #mar15 #gaza (14:10 Gaza Time)
  • Protest heading to Haniya’s house in Beach Camp right now #mar15
  • Protest for journalists in front of Al Shorooq building in Remal #mar15
  • Protest in market of Al-Shate’ refugee camp now heading to Haniya’s home there #Gaza #Mar15
  • A number of ambulances heading to Al Jundi Square right now #mar15
  • #GAZA | #Palestine | Many demonstrators #Mar15 are now arrested till this moment in #Jundi
  • El shorta el nesa2eya arrested and took photos of female protesters #mar15 #gaza
  • Random #Israel Settler Violence fact: Springing to violence, settlers average 42 attacks in the month of March over the past 6 years.
  • #Gaza | #Palestine | Hamas forces & Internal police attacked and confiscated Mayadeen Co. for Media. #Mar15
  • I was told from eye witness that about 22 protesters #Mar15 were arrested today at al jundi #Gaza #Palestine
  • NOW || Many girls #Mar15 demonstrators are beaten from Hamas forces Here in#gaza #palestine

Police disperse pro-unity protest in Gaza: Date 19/03/2011, 13:57 (Jerusalem) #Gaza #Palestine

Police disperse pro-unity protest in Gaza
is a music video promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace

Parties Officials visiting the strikers #March15 Ramallah

Former PLC speaker wants to accompany Abbas to Gaza: Date 19/03/2011, 13:22 (Jerusalem)

B2G: The #b2g mission is organized by @friendsofAlAqsa, British Muslim Initiative, @Pal_S_campaign @STWuk and the Palestinian Forum of Britain.
B2G: Please share this link on your wall, and encourage all your friends to “like” this page on #facebook
B2G: and show their support for the upcoming #flotilla that will set sail for #Gaza in May. Thanks.
B2g: As our plans progress, we will keep everyone updated on our progress. Please RT, and encourage all your friends to ‘follow’ us.

Hamas forces in #Gaza #Palestine imposing curfew for any gathering people . #Mar15

Israeli strikes on Gaza wound five

Abu Obeida:” Today operation is a message and response”

Come peace train and pick me up


Witnesses: Police in Gaza attack journalists

JourneytoGazaMy cameras just confiscated by #Hamas police breaking into my flat at #Aljundi #gaza #mar15

#Mar15 demands | 7 – Org of presidential & parliamentary elections simultaneously in time chosen by all the factions.

#Mar15 demands | 6 – The end of all forms of security coordination with the Zionist enemy.

#Mar15 demands | 5 – Freeze of negotiations till full compatibility btw the Palestinian factions on political program.

#Mar15 demands | 4 – restructuring PLO to contain all Palestinian factions back to initial aim: #Palestine’s freedom.

#Mar15 demands | 3 – Resignation of Haniye & Fayyad govt for govt of national unity agreed by all Palestinian factions

#Mar15 demands | 2 – The end of all forms of media campaigns against each others in #Palestine.

#Mar15 demands | 1 – The release all political detainees in the prisons of the PA and Hamas.

I’ve noticed many ppl didn’t know the WHOLE demands of #Mar15 movement, so I’m gonna repost them here :

NOW ||| Demonstrations in Rafah & Khanyounis for #Mar15. #Palestine (13:15 Pal Time)

Consequences of Israeli Chemical Weapons

Arab empowerment could equal doomsday for Israel

‘Israel will be biggest loser in region after changes,’ expert says

iRemember… | الشهداء

Must Read: from 972 Magazine:The Itamar victimization dance is disgusting: #palestine #Itamar #Apartheid

Let NO division among U! A Muslim is a brother 2 every Muslim & that the Muslims constitute 1 brotherhood

Clashes renew between Palestinians and Israeli troops in Silwan district

The @AP & @
Reuters photojournalists just released after being held while reporting events in Jundi. #Gaza #Mar15

Police clash with demonstrators in Gaza City

March 15 protest underway in Gaza City

Won’t be able to update live all the time, situation dire in #Gaza for #Mar15 protests. … will post updates we give her via phone.

Protests, sit in continue. Today last day of suspension of hunger strike; if demands not answered tom hunger strike again. v

5 Palestinians hurt as Israel strikes Gaza

Two Palestinians killed in Israeli raids

West Bank : Last day for Fateh&Hamas if demands not met hunger strike will be renewed tom on bigger scale in WB and #Gaza #mar15 #Palestine
West Bank : protests&sit in continue today is the last day of suspension of hunger strike if demands not answered today tom hunger strik again
Gaza: Protesters are pushed & isolated into corners before being assaulted. The only way is to increase numbers; GO OUT!
The police intercepted people at El Jundi as they were gathering, at Al Azhar, using violence. #Gaza #mar15
Gaza phone update by @GazaYBO: As soon as we started to gather 1hr ago, police intervened, assaulting anyone carrying national flag. #Mar15

Breaking News: Occupation Military Machine is targeting differnt places in different places in the Gaza Strip….

UK Turns on Israel: Government and Media to Blame

Spies, Lies and Demise: Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Flees!

Selective nature of UN intervention

Hamas Demands Release of Political Prisoners in Palestinian Prisons

Israeli army claims Palestinian fighters fired projectile at Israeli tank in Gaza

Al Qassam targets Israeli military bases near Gaza

2 Palestinians injured in fresh Israeli strikes on Gaza

US Journalist Helen Thomas: “I’m not anti-Jewish, I’m anti-Zionist”

Warning against Israeli plan to isolate Jordan Valley region

Israeli tanks strike targets in Gaza

Five locals injured in Bil’in’s weekly demonstration



Campaign launched to save life of kidney patient in Israeli jail

March against the wall in Jenin

Young man takes imam’s place at Ramallah Mosque

Taha dismisses Haaretz ‘lies’

Rafah man freed after 40 days in jail

‘Israeli lobbies controlling US’

Palestinians call for UNESCO intervention

Security firm G4S partly withdraws from W. Bank

Gaza farmers work under Israeli fire

Scotland protests in solidarity with Palestinians

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