The Demands of the #Mar15 Movement Youth of Palestine


We have noticed many people didn’t know the WHOLE demands of #Mar15 movement, so here is an overview:

#Mar15 demands | 1

The release all political detainees in the prisons of the PA and Hamas.


#Mar15 demands | 2

The end of all forms of media campaigns against each others in #Palestine.


#Mar15 demands | 3

Resignation of Haniye & Fayyad govt for govt of national unity agreed by all Palestinian factions


#Mar15 demands | 4

Restructuring PLO to contain all Palestinian factions back to initial aim: #Palestine’s freedom.


#Mar15 demands | 5

Freeze of negotiations till full compatibility btw the Palestinian factions on political program.


#Mar15 demands | 6

The end of all forms of security coordination with the Zionist enemy.


#Mar15 demands | 7

Org of presidential & parliamentary elections simultaneously in time chosen by all the factions.


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