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Live ammunition in Baten al-Hawa

BREAKING: smokes coming from bab el azizia the place where #Gaddafi lives in Tripoli

Helen Thomas “Jews Control The White House!”

Playing Politics at Rafah Crossing – Pacific Free Press

Breaking: Live ammunition used against residents in baten al hawa right now in #silwan  (22:14 Pal Time)

UN: Massive increase in home demolitions

Onward, United and Stronger Until Return! Al Awda Convention 2011

#Mar15 confirmed “tomorrow big gathering at 10am in front of the #ICRC (red cross) in #Gaza” s…

President #Abbas says if I couldn’t go to #Gaza through Eritz crossing point, i’ll go through Egyptian border Rafah #mar15 #palestine

Report: Israel admits to abduction of Gaza engineer

US Journalist Helen Thomas: “I’m not anti-Jewish, I’m anti-Zionist”

Rain in #Ramallah are you series…sky crying after “sara”?….lol #Gaza #mar15

RT @972magazine: BREAKING: Israel admits holding the missing Palestinian engineer from Gaza, who was abducted in Ukraine

Ramallah protesters resume hunger strike for national unity

Erekat: We will seek UN recognition soon

Rim Banna sings for #Gaza from Manara Sq. #Ramallah #Paltweets

Friday 18 March Popular Protests: Commemorating Palestinian Unity, Injured International Activist Tristan Anderson

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

Reem Banna to #Mar15 youth: ‘don’t stop, keep going’ #March15Ramallah

Pic – Imad & Gassem, 17 yrs old, killed by the Israeli Occupier in #Gaza yesterday.

Moral going amazingly strong in #Ramallah now. We will do this fellasss! #mar15
#Paltweets #Gaza

Yesterday’s explosions and shelling: Israel kills 2 Palestinians in #Gaza Strip

Settlers break Ayman’s horse’s neck before his eyes

Young Jews are turning to Palestinian solidarity, Beinart tells a Pittsburgh temple

How I spent March 15 in Gaza

Gaza: Talks of organizing a chain-protest Going from Abu Mazin’s house to Haniya’s.. Who’s up for it???

Photos of Hamas compound after an Israeli strike in Gaza

Interior ministry condemns recent military attacks on east of Gaza

Random #Israel Settler Violence fact: Since 05, settlers from Itamar attacked Aqraba, Awarta, Beit Furik, Deir al Hatab, & Yanun many times

Despite 20 years of peace diplomacy, the Palestinian people remain in forced exile, as refugees &/or stateless persons

Gaza protests weren’t met with the violence we’ve witnessed so far, only few clashes, huge mobilization. Change of strategy? #Mar15

Palestinian Refugees: a Surplus Population

Photo: palestineandpeace:

Protesters in #Ramallah preparing for an open strike of food. Expected in the next couple of days #mar15

Army kills 2 teenagers in Gaza

Ambulances Retrieve Bodies of Two Palestinians in Gaza

Israel detains Gaza merchant at Erez crossing

2 Palestinians killed by Israeli military

My pics copied just before #Hamas broke into my flat in #Gaza #Mar15 | | via @journeytogaza

Hamas approved Abbas visit to Gaza for reconciliation. If wasn’t interrupted by anything, i’d say “too late Mr. President”#mar15 #gaza

Rachel Corrie Trial to Resume in April

Two Arrested During alMa’asara Demonstration. See

Israel detains Gaza merchant at Erez crossing: Date 20/03/2011, 14:20 (Jerusalem)

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Today’s Protest in Al-Azhar Uni. calling for unity

Today’s edition is out of The Daily Human Rights on Twitter

AICafe 22.3: Film Screening, Discussion of InshaAllah, Documentary of Gazans’ Life Under Siege, with Director Jacobsen

photos – TODAY AT ALAZHAR UNI. DEMO. #MAR15 #GAZA #EndDivision

Journalists in #Gaza meet with minister of interior. They assure that Youth that were called in for investigation shouldnt go. #mar15

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Update: Medics say Palestinians killed in Gaza were teenagers from refugee camp

Pic – #Ramallah right now! (13:46 PalTine)

Increasing presence of Hamas security around all Remal area and Shawa Center #Mar15 #Gaza (13:35 PalTime)

Palestinian Babies that need to be remember,God bless them all and strength their families

Too quick judging: Demos at the Judicial compound and Al Shifa hospital violently disrupted. #Mar15 #Gaza


Hamas approach towards the protesters seems to be changing. No reports of violance. The demo ended peacfuly at the unis. #Mar15

Demos ended in the universities people now trying to join lawyers at the judicial compound

Meeting points in #Gaza NOW: Judicial compound and Al Shifa Hospital. JOIN ! #Mar15 #Gaza


Nilin Demonstration In Solidarity With Tristan Anderson & Rachel Corrie 18.03.2011

Confirmed; doctors gathering in front of Al Shifa hospital, joining #Mar15 movement in #Gaza (14:00 PalTime)
Reports are coming about something similar in Islamic uni and the possiblity of an attack.
Hamas security closed university door to prevent protesters coming in or out. #Gaza #Mar15

Israeli taxes are funding an anti-Arab worldview

The palestine Daily is out!

Israeli forces attack prayers near Bethlehem

Village of Awarta faced mass arrests, violence and massive destruction during five days of curfew by the IDF

Gaza: 140 people called for “interviews” by Hamas security forces. Publishing the wanted list by end of day. #mar15

Abbas Hamideh: Invitation to Al-Awda’s Ninth Annual Convention

The resurgence of Palestine – Abdaljawad Hamayel

Soldier fires on Al-Bustan protest tent unprovoked

Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians in Gaza

Occupied home set alight by Molotov cocktails

Clashes continue to rage in Bir Ayyub, Baten al-Hawa


Israeli army kills two Palestinians in Gaza

One injured as Israel invades central Gaza

War of extermination against the Palestinians

Child injured in Israeli shelling on Gaza

Israel allows Gaza tomatoes, flowers export

Report: Israeli soldier stabbed in Jaffa

Jewish settlers raze vast tracts of Palestinian agricultural land east of Yatta

Al-Qassam warns Israel of escalating its military attacks against Gaza

Army: Forces shot 2 Palestinians in Gaza

Bomb explodes near Gaza beauty salon

Hamas are prime fools if they fall for Abbas’ “unity” talk

Perpetual Collective Punishment in West Bank Town of Awarta

Palestinian presidency urges calm in Gaza

Gaza government ‘committed to press freedom’

Hamas calls for end to pro-unity rallies

Ei: Gaza rally draws a diverse crowd calling for unity

Israel strikes Gaza Strip

Report: Palestinian anti-wall activist tortured, threatened with rape and execution by Shin Bet because of BDS activities

Amnesty report draws parallel between Kashmir and Palestine

Israel seals off Gaza crossings

New Reality of Arab Street

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