Nilin Demonstration In Solidarity With Tristan Anderson & Rachel Corrie 18.03.2011

Ni’lin/Ramallah | 18.03.2011

Ni’lin Commemorates The Second Anniversary Of The Shooting Of The American Activist Tristan Anderson &The Eighth Anniversary Of The killing Of Rachel Corrie.

In the Ni’lin Demonstration today Dozens suffer from inhaling the poisonous gas Due to the suppression of the israeli occupation forces to the weekly protest against the annexation and racial plunder wall which organized by the Ni’lin popular committee which started after the Friday prayer under the olive trees in the fileds that is under the Threatened of confiscation.

The demonstration were joint by the residents of ni’lin along with a number of internationals and israeli peace activists Who demonstrated today to commemorate the second anniversary of the critical shooing of the american activist Tristan Anderson to claim justice for Tristan. Anderson, a 38 year old U.S. citizen who was volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement, was hit in the forehead by a high-flying tear gas projectile during a demonstration in Ni’lin in 13.03.2011, The projectile was fired against IOF regulations, as soldiers shot the canisters directly at demonstrators rather than in an arcing fashion.

According to the manufacturer of the tear gas canisters, the projectile was designed to penetrate walls and to be used in confined spaces; neither was necessary at the open-air demonstration in 2009. Tristan sustained serious brain damage, and remained hospitalized in Tel Aviv for more than one year and a half. And to commemorate the eight anniversary of the killing of Rachel corrie by a brutally way in gaza in 16.03.2003 by the Israeli occupation forces while she was trying to prevent the Israeli bulldozers from demolition the Palestinian houses.

During the demonstration, the demonstrators raised pictures of Tristan and Rachel along with Palestinian flags And chanted slogans condemning the fascism and racism crimes of the israeli occupation, And demanded the international community to increase the pressure on the racism Israeli government To stop its brutal crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

After approximately 10 minutes from arriving the demonstrators to the gate of the annexation wall, the Israeli army started shooting tear gas and sound grenades at the demonstrators ,simultaneously, the army invaded the village to surround the demonstrating crowd, plaguing the crowd with tear gas and sound grenades in order to arrest them. The demonstrators approached the Wall again, holding up banners and chanting, which was answered by the army with more ammunition aimed directly at them.


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