Israeli Army Creates New Intelligence Branch Targeting Leftists

21.03.11 – 15:18| PNN – Palestine News Network

Tel Aviv – PNN – Israel’s Intelligence Directorate has created a new wing dedicated to investigating groups in the West Bank and Gaza that seek to delegitimize the Israeli State.


Israel’s Knesset – Archive

The new intelligence division will not have the power to conduct extensive investigations or compel any interrogated parties to Israel. The section will instead gather information, conduct passive investigations, and monitor the activities of targeted groups.

Israeli media sources said that the Israeli army has been planning to initiate this new branch of the Research Department since its raid of the Free Gaza  flotilla last year; it seeks to investigate the Turkish organization that attempted to break the Gaza naval blockade. During the May 30 2010 attack on the Free Gaza flotilla Israeli soldiers killed 9 Turkish aid workers and injured 54 others.

Recently a bill, urging the creation of a committee to probe the funding sources of domestic leftist organizations, was rejected in the Knesset.
Sponsors of this bill claimed that certain Israeli organizations are cooperating with international groups; the domestic groups are said to encourage draft dodging and the labeling of Israeli soldiers as war criminals.

However, this new intelligence branch will not be responsible for handling any domestic Israeli groups that question state legitimacy; it will be solely concentrated on organizations in the West Bank and Gaza, media sources reported.

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