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Provocations and attacks by Israeli settlers obstruct Palestinian nonviolent action in the South Hebron Hills: two Palestinians are arrested

Jets strike Gaza after Hamas offers truce

Israeli airstrikes injure 17 Palestinians

Israel launches air strikes in Gaza

Explosions reported in Gaza

Gaza protests stretch into a seventh day

Per 4th Geneva Convention all Israeli settlements & outposts in the Occupied Palestin are illegal. Wikipedia

At a glance: Occupied Palestinian Territory

Clashes erupt in Silwan

Hamas repeats commitment to keep unofficial truce

Detainee Abu Sisi Discloses Detail of His Kidnapping in Ukraine to PCHR Lawyer

Qatar Condemns Israel”s Failure to Observe its Obligations in Occupied Palestinian Lands

One of the brave Palestinian Children: the reason Israel will never succeed in its ethnic cleansing! فتيات فلسطينيات اشجع من حكام العرب

Mothers of Palestinian prisoners demonstrate on Mother’s Day – Gaza

Israeli jets strike Gaza after Hamas offers truce

Abbas: I’ll go straight to Gaza

Palestinian protests offer a new chance to break deadlock

Hamas: Ready for additional lull in Gaza,7340,L-4045658,00.html

EU: Time for refugees to return home

Two Palestinians Shot By A Settler In Beit Ummar

Settlers Attack Residents in Northern West Bank

Palestinian government spokesman in Gaza, Tahir al-Nono, convenes press conference

UN official: Israel engaging in ethnic cleansing,7340,L-4045623,00.html

Ban on Israel-Palestine debate ignites free speech row at French university

Israeli Army Creates New Intelligence Branch Targeting Leftists

Sanction Policies and the Zionist Power Structure

Palestinians urged to “Buy Gaza”

Protests in the Occupied West Bank continue

Cancer care crisis in Gaza

Aqsa Mosque’s servants foil attempt by armed settler to kill worshipers

Interior ministry to prosecute officers who attacked reporters:

Palestinians call on world to intervene as Israel escalates Gaza attacks

PFLP: Fatah eliminated all PLO factions from union elections

Today and every day remember Qahira As-Sa’di, mother of 4, held hostage in israeli dungeons since 30.05.2002

Today and every day remember Latifa Abu Thra’, mother of 7, held hostage in israeli dungeons since 19.09.2003

4 Palestinians detained in Al-Aqsa

Only Palestinians Are Not Held to a Standard

While the World looks Aways, The Occupation of Palestine Goes On

Palestinians in Libya leave for Gaza

UN: Gaza’s youth ‘denied higher education’ by Israeli blockade

Israeli tanks invade Southern Areas of Gaza

Playing Politics at the Rafah Crossing


Report: Two Palestinians shot after stone throwing incident,7340,L-4045495,00.html

Omar Barghouti: ‘As our South African comrades did in their fight against apartheid, we must go to international civil society’ – video

Minister of Interior in Gaza orders investigations into journalists’ complaints

Jihad, Fatah meet in Gaza

Two Injured as Settler Opens Fire at Funeral near Hebron

Palestinian Authority denies that Hamas and Fatah met in Turkey to plan Abbas Gaza visit

Noam Chomsky interview: London, March 2011

Red Cross: Family visits in prison were suspended for Jewish holidays


Settlers Stab Palestinian Farmer near Hebron

Another Gaza war just a matter of time

Israel infiltrates Gaza Strip

I wonder if @Daroff and @ADL_National support or condemn Israeli army spying on American citizen activists on US soil?

Gaza: new technology eases water shortage, reduces health hazard

IDF to track foreign anti-Israel groups,7340,L-4045354,00.html

Rights Groups Condemn Attacks on Gaza-Based Journalists

Israeli forces open fire on southern Gaza Strip

Breaking the Silence Activity Update for January and February 2011

Palestinian Stabbed by Settler Near Hebron

West Bank settlements are Israel’s nuclear meltdown

Bethlehem sit-in enters sixth day

Israeli forces open fire on southern Gaza Strip

#MAR15 is out!

Rights center: The killing of two children in Gaza is another Israeli war crime

Israeli Occupation Forces detain two palestinians

Settlers stab Palestinian south of Hebron

Israeli settlers south of #oPt’s #Hebron have stabbed 32-year-old Mahmoud Ali Awad in the chest; he’s in moderate condition.

Violent clashes in Shu’fat: five people including a woman injured

Israeli Army Cooperates with Settlers in Attacks on Palestinians×4

Two of youth #mar15 protest organizers now lecturing students at Friends school in #Ramallah describing nature of protests.

Bethlehem sit-in enters sixth day

Gaza: Brigades claim latest projectile launch

Mt Hebron Settlers harassment and brutal arrest -Nissim Mossek

Racist terrorism: Palestinian citizen of Israel allegedly stabbed 10 times by group of Israeli Jews

Haaretz: IDF officers confirm special department created to monitor foreign left-wing organizations army confused on role

Settler responsible for monitoring settler land grabs: ‘Get off my back, we only dismantle tents, houses stay’ |

No cause to think well of Israel

Sarah Palin Arrives in Jerusalem

Israeli fire kills 2 Palestinian teens

Israel holds kidnapped Palestinian

Palestinians continue anti-division rallies in Gaza

IDF officers confirm special department created to monitor foreign left-wing organizations

Reuters, CNN, and NHK Offices Attacked in Gaza

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