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Live Tweets from  #GAZA


7 yrs ago today, Israeli helicopters fired several missiles at a 67 yr old paraplegic in his wheelchair in Gaza killing Sheikh Ahmad Yassin

Israeli occupation police violently repress protests in Silwan in eastern part of occupied Jerusalem

Another missile from the Israeli UAVs at the moment. East of #Gaza city

Knesset just passed racist “Nakba Law”, forbidding mentioning Palestinian ’48 disaster on state-supported institutions v @972magazine

New Pressures on Egyptian Government to Assist in Easing #Gaza Blockade [alternet]

10 killed in Gaza since Saturday in escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians

ECESG: Many European Counties are sending delegations to participate in FFII
ECESG: We now have more than 9 EU countries that will send vessels and those are: Belgium, Italy, France, Germany,…

ECESG: other European Counties are sending delegations to participate
ECESG: We now have more than t9 E‘ countries that will send vessels and those are: Belgium, Italy, France, Germany,…

The UN’s envoy to the Middle East Robert Serry on Tuesday condemned Israel’s killing of civilians in Gaza….

ASG for Political Affairs (Fernandez-Taranco) tells SecCo “Urgent Action Needed to Break Impasse in Israeli-Pale…

Bloody day in Gaza, 8 killed by Israeli fighter jets

Demands must bcome thunderous; NO FLY ZONE OVER #PALESTINE! – END THE EGYPTIAN BLOCKADE OF #GAZA! – #EGYPT is not #Israel anymore!

GAZA UN’s Serry condemns killing of civilians in Gaza: Date 22/03/2011, 22:15 (Jerusalem)

Fayyad condemns The Israeli attacks on Gaza and calls for protection


Any attempt made – political or military- to obstruct or prevent the arrival of the Freedom Flotilla to of Gaza is…

URGENT / Netanyahu: Abbas to choose either Hamas or Israel

Post-Mubarak #Egypt should respond to Israeli attacks on #Gaza with an indefinite and absolute opening of the #Rafah crossing

Israel army ‘investigating’ their own #WarCrimes again as children amongst dead in latest Israeli attack on #Gaza [upi]

عاجل | حصيلة العدوان على قطاع غزة حتى هذه اللحظة , 10 شهداء و 36 إصابة

Breaking | 10 killed and 36 injured in Gaza today so far

Youtube deleted one of my videos called “This is Zionism” after Zionist terrorists protested exposing their crimes. #Palestine

حكومة الاحتلال تدعو مواطنيها القاطنين بالقرب من قطاع غزة بأخذ أقصى درجات الحيطة والحذر خوفا من تصعيد للمقاومة الفلسطينية.

Israeli government warns settlers living near Gaza Strip to take utmost care and caution fearing the escalation of Palestinian resistance

Al-Nu’man Village-Israel declares Palestinians illegal aliens in their own villages

Student protest of israel amb to US facing criminal charges (video ). Follow for updates

European Parliament says they sensed Egyptian desire to end Gaza siege

No need for further dialogue with Hamas claims senior Fatah official

Two Palestinians shot amid growing settler attacks:

Gaza child dies 10 days after attack

Corporations Serve the State: Sanction Policies and the Zionist Power Structure

UAE seeks end to human rights violations in Palestine

5 killed as Israeli tanks shell Gaza home

Four killed, over 10 injured in Israeli massacre east of Gaza

UN official calls settlement construction “ethnic cleansing”

Where is the humanity? no place to go, no clean air to breathe, blood on the street, sad and scram voices, sorrow for Gaza

israeli helicopters hovering in the air over #Jerusalem area since some time, we have no idea whats going on. #Palestine

Viva for Arab Revolutionary Palestinian: A live demo by MoMothers of Palestinian prisoners demo in Gaza http:… (cont)

Israel second channel: Attacking #Gaza will be tonight or tomorrow

القناة الإسرائيلية الثانية: الهجوم على غزة الليلة أو غد #Israel #Gaza

AlQassam: Number of Palestinian martyrs increase as Israeli occupation attacks continue on Gaza

Scram and Pain for Gaza enough .. This is a massacre and killing people in cold blood is not the solution. Praying for #Gaza

Israeli fighter jets target civilian car at east of Gaza, four Palestinians killed

Israel’s Foreign Ministry employs a person whose job it is to monitor “possible future flotillas”

3 days after Livni urged repeat of war crimes

Israeli military kills playing Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli Settler Violence: Not Even the Animals Are Safe

Maan: Israeli bombing kills 9 in #Gaza, 5 killed as tank shells hit family playing football. Child & teen among dead.

Haaretz : Army spokesman says that there are TERRORISTS among the dead in the attack on Gaza! YEAH, THE 3 KIDS ARE THE TERRORISTS, RIGHT?

Israel dumps 200 children in the Desert without Food & Water

In a matter of days the slaughter of those in Gaza will be ignored, justified or simply scoffed at; and the cycle continues.

Grad rocket has been launched at the nearby settlements of the northern border of the Gaza strip

Palestinian community leaders and organizations targeted by Israel

#GAZA – UPDATE: One of the martyred children, probably Muhammad Jihad Al-Hilu, 11.

Palestine was and forever will be one from the River to the Sea and from Ras In-Naqoura to Im Ir-Rishrash #Palestine

The unashamed massacre of Palestinians is not one that reaches back days, weeks or a minute number of years; it’s 6 decades long.

Israeli TV channel 2 expecting an massive israeli attack on #Gaza Tomorrow #Palestine (NOOO) :O

Pictures of today’s onslaught in Gaza

FACT: Israel’s aggression against the children of the illegally besieged #Gaza Strip is funded with $20 billion of annual trade with the EU.

Hamas called for mutual ceasefire and Israel responds with massacre. Israel never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity for peace.

Obsessive demography, racism, and a history of apartheid thought

Israeli TV channel 2 expecting an massive israeli attack on Gaza Tomorrow Palestine

Many who howled in anguish over Itamar settler murders are already hard at work justifying killings of Palestinian children.

Americans, your taxdollars aid Israeli war-criminals in slaughtering innocent civilians; every bullet, every bomb paid for by Uncle Sam

My heart is crying for Gaza family victims

New Israeli massacre against civilians of Gaza (Pictures)

Al Jazeera English report on todays slaughters of Palestinian civilians by Israel

New Israeli massacre against civilians of Gaza(Video)

Three artillery shells on Al-Soudaneya area

Of the 5 Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes on Gaza today, were small children playing football outside their home.

#Gaza #Martyrs RT: @qazzaza: @3arabawy كمان أربع مقاومين من سرايا القدس غدرتهم طائرات الإستطلاع منذ قليل

Israeli Settler Violence: Not Even the Animals Are Safe: Does PETA have an international division? After reading…

The United States directly supports, via unwavering military funding to the Israeli “Defense” Forces, this

Palestinian community leaders and organizations targeted by Israel: Palestine Vid…

و هيو زعرد صاروخ جراد

Al Jazeera reports that the children killed in Gaza due to Israeli strikes were playing outside while the elderly man killed was praying.

The 4 Palestinian martyrs who have been killed at Al Zaitoun belong to Al-Quds Brigades

March 22nd: Young Palestinian boy, injured after Israeli strike on Gaza

March 22nd: Injured Palestinian child, hospitalized after Israeli strike on Gaza

Just like #Iraqis #Afghanis, the murder of #Palestinians is collateral Damage. #Occupation Gaza Palestine

Five dead in Gaza in Israeli mortar attack: Victims included children playing football, according to witnesses, …

Israeli settler attacks/military curfew continue in Awarta village, near Itamar settlement – #Palestine

March 22nd: Palestinian carry the body of a young teenager after Israeli strike

Videos from the First #Intifada, Worth watching!

Youth Against Normalization: Israeli Companies and Products

March 22nd: Injured Palestinian child, after Israeli strike on Gaza City

Israel targets northern Gaza with 5 rockets

The reality in Gaza

pictures: vicitms of the israeli terrorist attack on #Gaza

Lawyer visits ‘missing’ Palestinian in Israel jail – NGO #fb

Names of the 4 martyrs: Mohammed Abed, Adham Alharazeen, Sa’dy Helles, and Mohammed Ateyya Alharazeen.

A child, teenager and three adults killed thus-far as a result of Israeli artillery fire striking a home in Gaza

Those who were killed today rn’t numbers, they’ve names, families see their pain #Gaza #Palestine

مقتل 5 وإصابة 10 آخرين في قصف إسرائيلي استهدف منزلا في غزة

Conseil des droits de l’homme examine le du Rapporteur spécial (Falk) – Communiqué de presse:

Mesures illégales israéliennes au TPO/Colonies, confiscation de terrain – Lettre de Palestine:

Kids arrested by Israeli army:

Settler Family killed in West Bank was murdered by Thai Worker not Palestinians, Israel still hides information.


The death toll of Palestinians killed today, so far, is 8 Gaza, Palestine

#Breaking Israel air strike kills 3 resistance fighters south of #Gaza City #Palestine v @ نظرة خاصة: كل شهيد يسقط وجريح يصاب بغزة..تتغير نظرتي للحكومةويجعلني أؤيد تغيير شعار 15آذار إلى الشعب يريد..وانتو عارفين #Mar15

Unconfirmed Reports: the number of civilians killed by the latest Israel attack east gaza city may increase to 4

Breaking : Israeli aircraft targeted Zaitoun neighbourhood, there’re 4 killed at least

renewed #Israel airstrikes in Zeitoun, #Gaza mins ago,injuries being taken to Shifa hospital, 6 dead and 38 injured 2day not enough.

Total 15 air raids, 25 artillery shells hit gaza in less than 24 hr.


The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (February 2011) – OCHA report 18/03/2011:

Cancer and Catastrophic diseases drugs at discounted prices to Palestinians refugees in Lebanon – UNRWA press re…

Human Rights Council discuss Special Rapporteur (Falk)’s report – press release 21/03/2011:

Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Settlement activities in the OPT, land confiscations – Letter from Palestine 17/0…

Israeli military fire kills 3 Palestinian children and their uncle, Palestinians say

Hamas threatens to avenge killing of Palestinians in Gaza

Victory for Palestine Society’s Eden Springs boycott campaign

Haniyeh: President’s invite still open

Strike on Gaza Kills Children

Settlers attack Aqraba farmland

Four Killed, 31 Injured by Israeli Attacks Targeting Gaza

Israel army probing Palestinian deaths

Impasse in Israeli-Palestinian talks must be overcome, UN official stresses

Ayalon: PA’s appeal to UN to recognize Palestine ‘unmasks’ true policy,7340,L-4046277,00.html

At Least 3 Teenagers Killed In Israeli Attack On Gaza

Children and women wounded during Israeli air raids on impoverished Gaza

Aid industry doing no harm in Palestine?

Today Massacre that Harvested the Lives of Four Gaza Children…

Lawyer: Detainee in urgent need of surgery

You Boycott You Die !!!

Jon Stewart strikes again: America’s ‘freedom package’ offer “not valid in West Bank or Gaza”

5 Palestinians including 1 child killed in Israeli occupier bombardment of Gaza Strip

@ECESG: “Israeli leaders have announced they will use snipers and attack dogs against future flotillas of unarmed civilians.”

Israeli tank fire kills four family members, Gaza hospital officials say

Israel lobby figure opposes ‘two-state solution’ in Libya

Easing the Blockade: Assessing the Impact on the Population of the Gaza Strip – OCHA Special Focus March 2011 – …

Samer Abdelnour asks and analyzes: Is the aid industry doing no harm in #Palestine?

“Discourses of ‘aid,’ ‘development’ and ‘reconstruction’ shield
#Israel‘s ongoing occupation and colonial project.”

GAZA Israel opens sole operating crossing for limited deliveries

Artists Against Apartheid releases new CD

See the photos of latest Gaza victims [ Arabic ]

IDF tank fire kills three Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli tank shell hits Gaza home | Reuters

Check this out: a musical charity project by Artists Against Apartheid!

Victims of latest strike. photos taken at gaza hospital via @GazaNowGNN

Israeli Army Kills 4 Civilians In Gaza Strip

After settlers harass Palestinians protected by #IOF, guess who’s brutally attacked? Watch

Settlers attack Aqraba farmland

GAZA Resistance factions claim projectile launches: Date 22/03/2011, 18:02 (Jerusalem)

5 killed and several injured as Israel shells Gaza

Israeli Air Force Attacks Gaza Strip, Killing Five

The Under My Olive Tree Daily is out!

Mt Hebron Settlers harassment and brutal arrest -Nissim Mossek: After settlers

What Israel ‘s bombs did to a child several hours ago

PCRF Chilean pediatric surgery and pediatric urological surgery team screening 60 kids at Rafidiah Hospital in Nablus

Haaretz Hebrew: IDF unit spying on foreign #BDS groups “will maintain close contact w/ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”:

Ali Abunimah interviews Palestinian author Rula Jebreal on the struggle to make her book Miral into a film

Resistance factions claim projectile launches: Date 22/03/2011, 18:02 (Jerusalem)

Israeli court extends Gazans Engineers remand,7340,L-4046199,00.html

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

Qatar supports Unity Fatah Says

Israel uses Arab unrest as cover to attack Gaza

Gazans protest abduction of engineer

New AIC Video: Palestinian Leaders in Jerusalem Targeted

The toxic residue of colonialism

Israel: Palestine: Israeli jets bomb Gaza.–Palestine—Israeli-jets-bomb-Gaza-Israel-accused-of-ethnic-cleansing

Five Killed; 29 injured by Israeli Attacks Targeting Gaza

Israeli tank shell hits Gaza home, five hurt: medics

“Reporting on Revolution” – I am on panel with @AymanM @MaxBlumenthal & Mostafa Omar at Columbia Univ tomorrow:

Israeli forces detain journalist in Awarta: Date 22/03/2011, 17:04 (Jerusalem)

Women United in the Intifada – Turning back the Empire:

Photos of the wounded & killed in the Israeli raid on Gaza  (graphic)

Will B on #PressTV at 6pm #Palestine time. Will discuss Israel’s latest murders in

State of the Siege, State of the Struggle: Riham Barghouti #Video #Palestinian

Israeli Police Violently Repress Protests in East Jerusalem Silwan Neighbourhood

Israeli attack kills 5 Palestinians

Qatar supports unity, Fatah says #palestine

Israeli tank shell kills four Gaza teens: medical officials

5 dead, others injured as Israel shells Gaza

Medical reports: ambulances are still carrying more casualties from the targeted place

Employees of Tel Aviv Aroma coffee shops told not to speak Arabic near customers

Gaza child dies 10 days after attack


4 DEAD 5 INJURED INCLUDING 4 CHILDREN IN #Israel bombing of home of Faek Elhilo in Tufah neighborhood minutes ago #Gaza

Military Intelligence monitors “de-legitimization”

Israeli Re-Invades Awarta; Troops Search Homes | عورتا

Zionist Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Dark History Page

A year after his arrest, Ni’ilin’s Mohammed Amira will be released on bail. A judge decided there isn’t enough evidence to keep him jailed

Israeli Re-Invades Awarta; Troops Search Homes

Palestinians suffer from water shortage resulting from #Israeli discriminatory policy:

Six Palestinian Arrested by Israeli Troops During West Bank Raids

France calls for restraint on both sides in Gaza

Germans back Israelis after Gaza fighting flares

Palestine-Israel, The persistence (Tsumud) of the joint struggle continue

Entry denied,7340,L-4046016,00.html

Israel Campaigns against Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla II Planned for May

Palestine fight goes to Brussels

هكذا كان يفكر شباب 15 آذار وهكذا كانت أحلامهم.wmv

‘Awarta after Israeli Incursions | 3 – المستوطنين يقتحمون قرية عورتا ويعتدون على أهلها

‘Awarta after Israeli Incursions | 2  – صحافة المواطن -راديو طريق المحبة

‘Awarta after Israeli Incursions | 1 – صحافة المواطن -راديو طريق المحبة

2 Palestinian teenagers arrested by army in Hebron

An attempt to burn our tent #Mar15 #March15Ramallah

Israeli artillery, strike injure 2 east of Gaza City

New Israeli airstrike targets Gaza militants

“Military is searching now the village of Wad Rahal. they are without jeeps walking on foot. #wadrahal”

An insight into Gaza revolts

The Zionist entity reserves to itself a right to kidnap, torture Palestinian civillians anywhere in the world

Israel Bombs Residential Area of Gaza City by Ken O’Keefe Gaza

Palestinian resistance retaliates, fires homemade rockets at Israeli targets:

Gaza: Militant group calls for coordinated response to strikes

Hamas urges global move to halt Israel

1 injured as Israeli tanks shell east Gaza

Children and women wounded during Israeli air raids on impoverished Gaza

EU: Committed to support refugees

“Jewish & Democratic”: Israeli café chain forbids workers from speaking Arabic (an official language)

Republicans’ Palin dines with Netanyahu

Ex-Israeli president jailed for rape: Moshe Katsav sentenced to seven years in jail for rape and other crimes.

Israeli curfew imposed on Awarta village

Police Prevent Israeli Activists from Providing Information on Settler Tourist Site in Silwan

ei: Bad romance: Poland and Israel’s “love story”

Ex-IDF head tells Israeli expats in U.S.: Send your children to fight – Haaretz

Killing children in Gaza is Israeli war crime

Any Zionist aggression would be too costly

Israel hits Gaza tonight

Mossad kidnapped Dirar Abu Sisi from Kharkov

GAZA UPDATE: UPDATE: attacks on Maqusi area North of Gaza City. Stay safe brothers & sisters we still have unity 2 live (9:10 PALTIME)

Boycott the zionist entity: israeli occupation army creates new intelligence branch targeting leftists

Settlers attack Palestinians residents in Northern West Bank

17 injured as Israel strikes Gaza Strip

Ramallah #mar15: An attempt to set strikers’ tent on fire at around 10 pm last night

Marrickville Mayor: #BDS is “both relevant and applicable at a local government level”: #NSW


Friends School students volunteer to clean strikers area #Mar15 #March15Ramallah

Watch to know who I am!

Vous invitez Israël, alors BDS-France s’invite

Australia: Council defeats attempt to overturn Israel boycott

Palestinian anti-wall activist tortured, threatened with rape and execution by Shin Bet because of BDS activities

Zionism is Terrorism: Israeli Tanks Invade Southern Areas of the #Gaza Strip

Masked Israeli settler stabs Palestinian in the South Hebron Hills. See

Zionism is Terrorism: Two Palestinians Injured as Settler Opens Fire at Funeral near Hebron

TORONTO Event: The Passage of a Jewish Boat to Gaza

Musician-activist Bob Geldof to Receive Award from Israeli University


Another BDS Success: Edinburgh University Votes To Boycott Israel

Join this group and ask Bob Geldof to respect the Palestinian Boycott

Israeli ‘Settler’ Violence Report: January and February 2011

Settler opens fire on funeral procession

ei: Palestinian Bedouins in al-Araqib: “We won’t leave”

WEST BANK: Palestinians ask for international protection citing rise in attacks by Israeli settlers


The palestine-lives Daily is out!

The Things Israel Does

Israeli forces re-enter Awarta

Gaza Truck Drivers Strike to Protest Israel’s Closing of Karni Crossing

Army Invades Awarta Village

UPDATE 2-Israeli air strikes wound 19 in Gaza Strip

17 Palestinians Injured In A Series Of Air Strikes In Gaza

In a New Crime, IOF Kills Two Children in Central Gaza

Israeli settler stabs Palestinian in At-Tuwani

Jets strike Gaza after Hamas offers truce

Turkey group plans new Gaza flotilla with at least 15 ships

It Is Time to Hit Israel Like Libya


NEVER CAST LEAD AGAIN! WAKE UP WORLD see with ur Eyes what #israel is doing:

Haaretz: Turkey group IHH plans new Gaza flotilla with at least 15 ships:

Police in Salfit, #Palestine marked Mothers Day by visiting mothers of Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

Jets strike Gaza after Hamas offers truce

Israeli air strikes wound 19 in Gaza

Gaza: Israel Replies With Airstrikes

Two Palestinians injured as settler opens fire on funeral procession in Beit Ommar

On the Revolt in Gaza

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