No cause to think well of Israel

Recently, Kalman Barson complained about Israel being disrespected. Apparently, Barson doesn’t understand that in order to be disrespected, respect must first be earned.

Israel doesn’t earn respect for acts of murder in international water which resulted from Israel’s brutal attack on a flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza when Israeli commandos machine-gunned civilians armed with deck chairs. Israel doesn’t earn respect for engaging in acts of gross human rights violations, placing it near the top of the list of those engaged in such acts. Israel doesn’t earn respect for its ongoing act of aggressive ethnic-cleansing in order to create its perfect society, the “Jewish State,” a moniker which absolutely refutes all claims of Israel being a democracy.

Israel is more appropriately an “Apartheid State,” like its previous number-one ally, Apartheid South Africa, until its demise, which caused Israel to seek a new number-one ally and to wrap its Zionist tentacles around America. I’m sure every objective individual would be shocked to learn of Israel’s previous intimate relationship with South Africa. Was the Nazi regime’s pursuit of the “Super Race” any different than Israel’s cultivation of the “Chosen Ones?” Any different than South Africa’s sub-human treatment of blacks?

After more than 40 years of violation of UN Resolution 242, it’s about time that Israel was forced to comply. Remember, a UN Resolution violation was all that was needed to take action against Iraq. The entire world, with the exception of the U.S., recognizes Israel’s misdeeds and seeks to take corrective action as evidenced by a recent vote at the UN. All members of the Security Council, except one, voted for a resolution condemning Israel for building settlements on disputed land. Of course, the U.S., caving to pressure from the powerful Zionist lobby, voted no.

The problem with Israel is not about Jews. It’s about Zionist aggression and expansion driven by a government under firm control of Zionist hard-liners. All Jews are not Zionists, and all Zionists are not Jews. Nor do all Jews support and embrace Israel as a country. Neturei Karta Orthodox Jews, for one, are quite outspoken in their condemnation of Israel.

Barson closes by suggesting that Arabs/Muslims should emulate Israel “to some degree.” I submit they should emulate Israel to every degree, including arming all citizens to protect themselves, as Israel does with its citizens, excluding non-Jewish citizens, of course. One exception, however: No country in the Middle East should be allowed to build or possess nuclear weapons, and Israel should be forced to surrender theirs, by any and all means.

Stanley Mozda| PISCATAWAY


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