Israeli Re-Invades Awarta; Troops Search Homes | عورتا

22.03.11 – 13:37| PNN – Palestine News Network

Nablus – PNN – Israeli troops invaded the village of Awarta, in northern West Bank, at dawn on Tuesday morning and imposed a general curfew.


Awarta village – Archive

Witnesses told PNN that soldiers stormed the village and then called in reinforcements. Later soldiers patrolled the village and searched homes with police dogs; during the house-to-house search troops beet Raja Awad, a local English teacher, while they searched his home.

Awarta lies under constant Israeli settlers and army attack since an unidentified assailant killed a family of five Jewish settlers in the illegal settlement of Itamar, up the hill from Awarta, on March 11.

Soldiers have searched homes, overturned furniture and food stores and arrested a number of Palestinians, but there is still no suspect for the crime and no evidence has been released to suggest that the perpetrator was a Palestinian.

The village was under a general curfew for the week immediately following the murders, but it has been relaxed in the last few days. Tuesday’s restrictions may mark a new phase of interrogations.


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