Palestine-Israel, The persistence (Tsumud) of the joint struggle continue

– Anarkismo | March 22, 2011

On the back ground of the general uprisings in the Arab countries, the persistence of the joint struggle contribute its share of rebellion. As the moment of truth for the last settler colonialist project in the modern world approach, the rightists intensify their onslaught and the Zionist and a-Zionist radical left adopt the anarchist persistent direct action mode. Some locations like Al Arakib, Lod, and occupied East Jerusalem they are even the dominants in mobilizing Israelis. The joint struggles against occupation and the separation fence the anarchists against the wall participate in for long – Beit Ommar, Bidu, Bil’in, Al Ma’asara, Nabi, Saleh, Ni’lin, draw more and more radical Israelis.


Al Arakib

The weekly demonstration and solidarity presence in other days continue after the 22st demolition of the village.

Beit Omar

“We were asked to participate in the upcoming demo in Beit-Omar, Saturday at 13:00. Due to recent settlers’ attacks there’s a greater need to show up and support.
Contact person is K.”


The village which was one of the first locations of confrontation against the separation fence resume from time to time the joint struggle.


The Friday demonstration was on the background of the wide spread uprising of the masses of the Arab countries and its expression in Palestine in protests against the Hamas-Fatah split…. and the release of Abdallah Abu-Rahma after 16 months in Israeli concentration camp Ofer. About 50 Israelis, dozens of internationals, and Palestinians of the west bank joined the Bil’iners in this Friday demo.

Five locals injured and a dozen suffocated by tear gas in this Bil’in’s weekly demonstration. Two Israelis with the AAtW initiative were detained for few hours. The slogan of this week’s demonstration was ‘End the Division and Occupation’ Five local residents were injured in various parts of the body and a dozen people suffered due to inhalation of tear gas.
Haitham al khatib Video 18.3.11

Abdullah returned to demonstrate

After his release from prison on Monday, returned Abdullah Abu-Rahma yesterday to demonstrate against the Wall and Settlements in Bil’in. After 16 months in prison did not break his spirit, nor did the skunk-spray or gas, he resume leading the popular struggle for freedom, equality and peace.

Just for one moment in a conversation with him you could feel the outlet last experience. “And how are the kids?” I asked, “Great. Are very pleased to see their father,” he replied. “They came out to see you sometime during the arrest?”, I inquired, half knew the answer. “Not really. Some once, some twice. Basically forbade me to be visited,” he said, his smile fixed hard moment, his voice trembling a little.

Abdullah Abu-Rahma, one of the leaders of the popular struggle against the Wall in Bil’in, was arrested three times before this time, and each time spent a month in jail before his release. This time, put on trial and convicted of organizing illegal rallies and incitement (incitement intention to participate in demonstrations and sentenced to 16 months in prison.

It was a long and complicated period. Occupation forces continued to arrest activists in Bil’in, who found themselves united together and spend varying periods in Ofer prison, instead of the village. Abu Rahma barely see his wife and children, prison conditions made ​​it difficult for him. In prison he also heard about a relative’s death, Jawaher Abu- Rahma, during a demonstration last December 31.

On Monday, the nightmare is over, and Abu – Rahma was released from prison. He was happy in the village festivities. Yesterday (Friday) returned to the weekly demonstration show, and celebrated a second celebration with Israeli friends not seen for a long time.

Simon Krieger Photos:…08619


In addition to other activities, the usual Tuesday evening demonstration.

Al Ma’asara

About two dozens participated in th Friday demonstration. Few Israelis, internationals, and local villagers kept the chain of Friday demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation.
“We marched along the high way in the direction of Wad Rahal accompanied for 300 hundred meters by Israeli soldiers to ensure order till the state forces blocked our way – declaring closed military zone.
Using shock grenades they dispersed the demonstration and arrested two of the Israelis released soon afterward on bail.”
You’ll can watch the video from the demonstration, at:

Mount Hebron

Nissim Mossek video Mt Hebron Settlers harassment and brutal arrests

Nabi Saleh

After the prayers, the villagers joined by a number of internationals and anarchists against the wall assembled in Martyrs’ Square. The marchers then proceeded towards the entrance to the village chanting slogans in favor of Unity and other themes. Yet again their progress was blocked by the Occupation who used gas and sound bombs to block the marchers’ progress. The Occupation then proceeded to invade the village and remain there as has been the case now for months and months until darkness. During the course of the day, in an act of sheer malice, the Occupation fired gas projectiles at the villagers who were playing a football match. In addition. a roof of one of the homes in the village was taken over for hours against the will of the owners. Some of the more foul mouthed Occupiers added a barrage of profanity to the tear gas projectiles unnecessarily used against the villagers. Excellent video coverage is available both on FB (like “Tamimi Press”) and Youtube (“Tamimi66”).

In related developments, the Occupation failed to file a statement of charges last Thursday against Nagi even though it had asked for and received an additional 5 days of detention in order to do so. However, the officer presiding over the “trial” agreed to give the prosecution a further extension until today to do so. Fourteen year old Islam’s trial continued last Thursday. As he remains in the Sharon prison in 48, his parents are barred from visiting him. His older brother 20 year old Omar also remains imprisoned in the Occupation prison called “Ofer”.

In spite of it all, the resistance continues and will continue until the land and water are restored to their rightful owners. Activists are asked to make every effort to join in next week’s march!

Solidarity, F.

A Thumbnail Sketch by Murad Tamimi.wmv
David Reeb video 18.3.2011 video at


The weekly protest in Ni’lin was held at the second anniversary of the serious injury of Tristan Anderson from an extended range teargas canister fired at him by a border police officer. The demonstration also commemorated Rachel Corrie, killed in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah. The protested held banners and posters with the pictures of Tristan and Rachel, and messages of solidarity. Approximately twenty minutes after getting to the wall, soldiers crossed it and chased protesters, firing tear gas. a number of the village youth who didn’t participate in the demonstration arrived from the village to help resist the soldiers with stones. Less than an hour later the soldiers retreated back to the wall, and the youngsters collected the aluminum cartridges they left behind. No injuries were recorded.

Jerusalem – Al Kuds


Today about 200 Palestinians, refugees from Lifta, a Palestinian village on the entrance to west Jerusalem whose inhabitants transfered in 1948 Nakhba, and some 80 Israeli and international activists met in the village in a joint action to stop the destruction and building plans there. After the prier in at the spring of Lifta we went in small tour groups to study and see the village.

Sheikh Jarrah

A few hundreds of activists, Palestinian Israel and international took part in this week’s weekly demo at Sheikh Jarrah. For the second time running the street was completely open and the demonstrators went into the neighborhood playing drums and chanting slogans. Some of the Palestinian residents approached the crowd.

Mario Savio pictures

Amir Bitan Photos:…08831

Art in Sheikh Jarrah – a troupe of Tel Aviv high school of art 18.3.2011
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