US- Israel Interests Parasitizing The Arab Revolutions

Kawther Salam | March 21, 2011

Since the Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions have achieved their “victory”, the United States ceaselessly send their military and civilians representatives, among them Hillary Clinton (yemach shmo), the owner of garish dresses in yellow, red, and orange, to those countries. Additionally there are reported official telephone calls from Barak Obama his advisors and staff, which like the calls of peddlers of dubious finance products stop neither by day nor by day and night but aim at meddling in things big and small in these countries. The filthy waft of the US foreign politics kitchen, directed by the zionists lobby and controlled by israel alone makes very clear who is in control of everything after these “revolutions”.

The US government, which knows very well that nobody among the Arab peoples respect them because of their unbalanced policies towards the Middle East, especially its stance about the Palestinian cause during the last 63 years and its direct support of israeli colonialism and terrorism, still continues to impose its control over these Arab countries in accordance with Israeli zionist interests and its own interests with full disregard and ignorance to the Arab revolutions which broke out as a protest against the US regime in support of the Arab dictator leaders who where imposed by USA on those peoples for decades.

Last week young Egyptian revolutionaries refused to attend a meeting with Hillary Clinton at Al-Tahrir Square. The revolutionaries said that they did not want to meet her and that they refused the American attempts at subverting their revolution and dictating the rules, demanding instead that Clinton return to her homeland USA and bring their message of refusal to her government.

Picture Credit: AFP

After this snub, Clinton gave a despicable show under tight security at Al-Tahrir Square, waving her hands right and left before photographers, acting up a smiliy “hello” for the camera before passers-by who were astonished and forced to evacuate the square. They stayed watching the American farce from the opposite sides of the streets, yelling at her: “Get lost and go to hell, Clinton!”

The Egyptian revolutionaries at Al-Tahrir Square said “there is no place for Clinton among us in this holy place, no place for Clinton in our homeland Egypt and she must return to her homeland the USA. We do not care about the millions of dollars which financed the army projects and some thugs of our economy. We do not need this financial support and Egypt should learn how to finance its own projects and how to find funding sources for the Egyptians and to stop its dependence on USA and other Western countries”.

Another message sent yesterday to the USA government came when the Egyptians threw stones shoes at Mr. Mohamed Mustafa El-Baradei, former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). El-Baradei was directly involved in the resolution which allowed the USA to invade Iraq and legitimized the subsequent genocide of that nation. El-Baradei was forced to back off without entering a voting hall in Cairo, where he wanted to vote on the proposed changes to the Egyptian Constitution. When the young Egyptians spotted him, they all shouted at him saying: “You lived in America and we do not want to be ruled by an American!”, “We do not want Americans to lead us!” and “You are a war criminal!”. El-Baradei was hit by stones twice on his back, and the glass of his luxury car was broken.

A third message was sent to the US on Thursday, March 17 2011, when Tunisian demonstrators raised black flags demanding the departure of Clinton from Tunisia, and when the journalists shouted at the face of the American security team accompanying Hillary Clinton. Clinton fled like a rabbit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tunisia, where a meeting was held between her and Fuad el-Mebazaa, temporary president of Tunisia. A press conference was planned to be held by Clinton and el-Mebazaa at the ministry, but both fled using secret doors and ways.

The Tunisians commented on that saying that thieves and cowards always escape when others discover or face them. If Clinton was not on a filthy conspiratorial mission against the revolution, then she would not have escaped like a thieve from the ministry. There was no danger which threatened her, there were only protesters demanding her to go away from Tunisia. There were journalists who protested against the inhuman treatment which they received at the hands of her “security” team. The demonstrators said: “We are not honored with the American presence and dictates over our homeland Tunisia and a revolution in support of the zionists and American interests”.

US- Israel Interests Parasitizing The Arab Revolutions «Kawther Salam.

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