Al-Quds Brigades vows to hit back strongly after killing of resistance fighters

23/03/2011 – 09:24 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, vowed to retaliate very strongly to Israel’s assassination of four of its resistance fighters during an aerial attack yesterday on Azzeitoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza city.

“Our response to the assassination of our cadres and fighters will be as strong as the crime, and the enemy will see it before hearing it,” Al-Quds Brigades stated in a communiqué.

Islamic Jihad Movement, for its part, stressed that it is committed to the protection and defense of the Palestinian people against any Israeli aggression.

The Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday afternoon committed a heinous massacre when they bombed a house east of Gaza city killing three children and an elderly man.

“Confronting the aggression with more calm does not serve the interests of our people, but this will make them prey to the occupation and its endless crimes,” Islamic Jihad highlighted.

It emphasized that Israel receives support and encouragement from unjust powers conspiring to kill the Palestinian people; therefore, it very important to protect the resistance, support it and enhance its capacity to respond to the occupation’s crimes and repel its aggression.

In a related incident, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper said two grad rockets were fired yesterday from Gaza and landed south of the occupied city of Ashdod without any reported injuries.

It added that warning sirens echoed in the outposts of Gan Yavne and Kiryat Malachi.

Different resistance factions claimed responsibility for firing rockets and mortar shells at Israeli settlements near Gaza in retaliation to the massacre that claimed the lives of eight Palestinian civilians including children on Tuesday.


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