Death by Soccer

gaza attacks kill 9

Wounded child brought to Gaza hospital after IDF massacre (Reuters)





You better not be a child and play soccer if you live in Gaza.  Otherwise, the IDF will punish you with death.  A group of five members of the Abu Hilu family including Muhammad Jihad Al-Hilu, 11, Yasser Ahed Al-Hilu, 16, Muhammad Saber Harara, 20, Yasser Hamer Al-Hilu, 50 and an unidentified fifth victim were enjoying a game of soccer outside their home when an Israeli tank shell slammed into it.

Whose fault?  Why, Hamas of course since the IDF’s lying spokesperson, instead of admitting a mistake, said the tank had been firing at militants.  Of course, it was the latter’s fault for the deaths since clearly militants play soccer while they’re firing missiles and shooting at the IDF.

In response to a shower of 50 missiles on Israel fired by Gaza militants, Bibi Netanyahu had said earlier he would do whatever was necessary to protect Israel’s population.  By which he meant he would be only too happy to shed the blood of Gaza’s children if that’s what the militants wanted.  Tzipi Livni, Israel’s great white liberal hope had an even better idea.  Start another Gaza war and repeat Operation Cast Lead.  It went so well the first time, after all, only killing 300 Gaza children out of the 1,100 civilians killed in that ugly massacre.

A total of nine Gazans’ were killed by IDF fire today, five of them civilians.  Hey, IDF those are righteous numbers.  You only killed 60% civilians in today’s death toll.  A record to be proud of I’m sure. H/t to reader Deir Yassin.

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