Israeli-Palestinian tensions: a timeline

The bus attack in Jerusalem, which killed one person and left at least 25 others injured, follows days of escalating violence

Caroline Davies |, Wednesday 23 March 2011 19.34 GMT

Jerusalem bus bomb An injured Israeli man is taken to hospital after the explosion at a Jerusalem bus station. Photograph: Reuters

    11 March Ehud and Ruti Fogel and three of their children, aged 11, four, and three months, are stabbed to death in their home in the Jewish West Bank settlement of Itamar near the Palestinian city of Nablus. No claims of responsibility are made. Israel blames Palestinian militants. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, denounces the killings as “inhuman and immoral”.

    13 March Tens of thousands attend the Fogels’ funeral in Jerusalem. The Israeli government promises an “iron fist will land on the murderers” and that hundreds of homes will be built in West Bank settlements in response to the killings.

    16 March Israeli warplanes target a security compound in Gaza, killing two Palestinian militants, according to Hamas medics. The attack is thought to be in response to a rocket fired at Israel earlier in the day.

    19 March Palestinian militants fire about 50 mortar shells from Gaza into Israel, causing several injuries in what is reportedly their heaviest such barrage in two years. Hamas, which runs Gaza, says it fired some of the mortars. Israeli tanks shell targets in Gaza, wounding at least five, say Palestinian officials. Two Palestinian men are shot by Israeli soldiers near the Gaza-Israel border. Israeli military says they were approaching an Israeli-enforced no-go area, citing attacks against border patrols.

    20 March Three rockets are fired from Gaza into southern Israel, one striking near the coastal city of Ashkelon.

    21 March Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip injure 18 Palestinians, including seven children, two women and four militants, according to Palestinian medics. Witnesses say militant training camps operated by Hamas were targeted as well as a workshop and a cement factory.

    22 March Nine people are killed and dozens injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza. Four people, including a grandfather and his two teenage grandsons playing football, die when a tank shell hits a home in a Gaza City suburb, Palestinian medics say. Five, said to be militants from the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, a smaller Gaza faction and occasional Hamas ally, are killed in two separate air strikes elsewhere in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, voices regret over the civilian casualties which he said resulted from errant Israeli shelling.

    23 March Two Palestinian rockets are fired into southern Israel, one injuring one person in Beersheba city, another landing near Ashdod. Islamic Jihad says it carried out the attacks in reprisal for Tuesday’s deaths. Israeli warplanes launch air strikes east of Gaza City. One person is killed and at least 25 are injured, four seriously, in a bombing at the central bus station in Jerusalem. Islamic Jihad says it was not connected to the blast, but applauded “all efforts to respond to the crimes committed daily against our people”.



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