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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks | Overview of Attacks and Related News

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GAZA ATTACK  March 22, 2011
Overview of related News:
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GAZA ATTACK  March 21, 2011
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One settler killed and 39 others injured in an explosion in Jerusalem

Haneyya says reconciliation calls to Abbas are pending

Israel launches new string of attacks on Gaza

The Case of G4s: Private Security Companies and the Israeli Occupation

Awarta faces second wave of curfew and military harassment

Palestine Monitor – Erasing Palestine from Lifta:

New: Awarta faces second wave of curfew and military harassment

Eight Palestinians, including two children and an elderly man massacred by Israeli forces:

Egyptian FM: Ending Gaza siege a priority:

PACBI Salutes Univ. of Johannesburg for Severing Links with Israeli Apartheid

GAZA – UPDATE: Tanks reportedly heard in the outskirts of Jabaliya.

Egypt warns Israel of rushing into a military operation in #Gaza

ei:On Monday, settlers in Hebron stabbed Palestinian man, set shop on fire, stoned Palestinian cars, ran over Palestinian children

Israeli forces injure 1, detain 3 near Beit Ummar in the West Bank

Settlers observe “day of rage” by attacking Palestinians, blocking major roads, sending children to hospital

Gaza, in the past 72 hours, 10 killed, 43 injured in 17 airstrikes and more than 60 tank-shells.

Israeli occupation forces arrest Khaled Jaradat, a leader of Islamic Jihad in West Bank

Israel’s attack on civilians: two children killed

Israel asks facebook to close the biggest #Palestinian page

Will Qatar be sending its fighter jets to Gaza? Imemcnews:Netanyahu Approves Further Strikes In Gaza…

US BOAT TO GAZA responds to IDF spying on internationals

Israel increased the state of alert across Jerusalem to it’s highest

US activists respond to IDF spying on internationals

Egyptian FM: Ending Gaza siege a priority :

Israel will act aggressively to preserve security: PM

Hamas says seeking to lower tensions with Israel

B’Tselem: Stop mortar fire at populated areas in Gaza Strip

Israeli-Palestinian tensions: a timeline

Israel PM to Moscow as Gaza violence spirals

Hamas vows to restore calm in Gaza

Israeli army denies firing on car in north Gaza. I’m inclined to believe them considering numerous false reports tonight …

Zionism is Ethnic Cleansing:Zionist settlers protected by israeli occupation forces erect new setlment outpost

At least 5,000 Palestinian children are being denied an education and over 50% drop out of school.

Talk about a bad review: IDF compares Miral to Mein Kampf

Pipe bomb explodes near IDF post in Hebron WB Palestine

Haaretz: Netanyahu: Israel will react forcefully to recent wave of Palestinian violence.

Netanyahu: Attackers will learn Israel has ‘iron will’

PRC wing claims Askhelon mortar attack: Date 23/03/2011, 21:13 (Jerusalem)

Controversy arises over boycott initiative at co-op in Sacramento –

Israeli occupation says retaliatory rocket attacks from Gaza injured settlers

Woman Killed, 25 Injured in Jerusalem Explosion, Netanyahu Delays Moscow Visit

BREAKING NEWS: BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL VICTORY – Historic moment for movement to boycott of Israel:

Establishing the timeline on ‘Cast Lead II’

Analysis: Bloodshed fills Mideast peace talk vacuum

Phosphorous shells hit southern Israel,7340,L-4046898,00.html

Jerusalem bus bomb threatens to reawaken old tensions

Thousands Rally for Unity in Gaza

‘A message for Obama’ –

Palestinian rockets hit Israeli cities

UN chief condemns Jerusalem bombing

Egypt Air deletes Israel from its destination list

Anti-Israel rabbis burn Israeli flag in O. Jerusalem

Death by Soccer

The casualties of Jerusalem’s explosion raised to 51 wounded, 3 badly injured and 1woman was killed so far

Clashes near Jerusalem: 2 injured, 5 detained all between 15-16 years old

Egypt warns Israel against military action in Gaza

IPSC Open Letter to Bob Geldof: Do not choose the side of the Israeli oppressor

1 Israeli killed in Jerusalem bombing, yet we don’t know who did it. 8 Palestinians slaughtered by Israel, the world says nothing

Egypt warns Israel against military action in Gaza

it seems the zionists are too busy warmongering to blame us for this one as well

Palestinian president slams #Jerusalem attack & IDF operations in #Gaza; Fayyad: Shameful act harms our struggle

#Israel settler violence fact: 221 instances of Arson since 2005, 37% in Nablus district, 21% in Hebron and 18% in Qalqilya.

Regardless of who may have planted Jerusalem bomb, its clear Israel wishes to “harvest” it to increase violence against Palestinians.

Just like attack on Itamar settlers last week, it remains unknown who carried out the bomb attack in Jerusalem. Assume nothing with Israel.

Very odd Israel would be threatening to “retaliate against Hamas” when no evidence Hamas responsible as of now

Before jumping to conclusions Jerusalem bomb wasn’t suicide attack. Any claim of responsibility or evidence who did it?

Zionism is Terrorism: Israeli occupation forces attack a funeral in Beit Ummar,injure 1 Palestinian & kidnap 5

Students at University of Vermont (UVM) debate Israel boycott:

EU Confirms Supporting End of Division

Bomb rocks Jerusalem bus stop, killing woman

The Israeli Knesset has now made it illegal for Palestinians, or the like, to commemorate the Nakba; those partaking will be fined.

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

On Land Day, March 30, 2011, (along w/ boycotting Israeli goods) join international efforts to Stop the Jewish National Fund:

Israeli minister: “Operation Cast Lead 2 may be in order.” (When massacres don’t work, try more massacres)

Some say that the operation of Jerusalem is a Zionist tactic to implement their plans of displacing the Palestinian Jerusalemites there!

Mahmoud Abbas: “The issue of recognizing Palestine will be brought up in September”

Massive explosion rocks al-Quds

Explosion Hits Jerusalem Bus Stop; 1 Dead, 31 Injured

Bombing in Jerusalem, civilians killed in Gaza, rockets on Israeli south

Settler suicide prompts checkpoint closures

Erekat reasserts that Hamas is a legitimate Palestinian national movement

Clashes near Jerusalem: 2 injured, 5 detained

Youths Threaten Self-Immolation for National Unity

Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Funeral in Beit Ummar

Israel plunging deeper into fascism


Knesset Passes Nakba Bill

Israeli police blame “Palestinian militants” for Jerusalem bombing

Is another ‘Cast Lead’ in the offing?

Settlement builder #Leviev constructs huge mall in Russia:

Hamas says PA political arrests continue

Fatah calls for intervention in Israeli strikes

Ban Ki-moon on Gaza and southern Israel

GCC Chief Condemns Israeli Brutal Raids on Gaza Strip

Israel Fires on Gaza Injuring an Islamic Jihad Wing Militant

Another explosion heard in #Jerusalem #Breaking

New Settlement Outpost in Jordan Valley, Army Threatens Arrests

Cabinet Condemns Israeli Brutal Attacks Against Palestinian People

Not Even the Animals are safe!

Explosion reported on street in #Jerusalem.

Israeli Police spokesman – this was not a suicide attack but there was an explosion – there was a bag left near the bus stop

AJA reporter: The explosive device seems to have been on the pavement, and exploded once bus arrived.

BREAKING: Bus Explosion in Jerusalem: Several news outlets are reporting that an explosion has rocked Jeru…


Breaking: Jerusalem bus hit by ‘huge’ blast

Bus explodes in central Jerusalem; 18 reportedly wounded – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Israeli army imposes another curfew on village near Nablus

Gazan child injured by IDF mortar treated in Israel

MAAN BREAKING: Israeli reports of bus explosion in Jlem, dozens said injured

Gaza delegation to Ramallah amid crossings crisis

Jonathan Cook: Mossad snatches Gaza’s power plant boss

Kiev says not involve in Gazan’s Arrest,7340,L-4046617,00.html

Human rights group calls for international intervention to stop Israeli escalation in Gaza

Knesset passes bill Nakba Commemoration

Eight killed, 35 injured in last 24 hours of Israeli aggression

Qassam Brigades: Resistance must defend Palestinians during Israeli aggression

Civilians Die in Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Islamic Jihad vows to hit Israeli Cities

Israel is blind to the Arab revolution

Likud MK launches Knesset lobby to fight delegitimization:

Fatah calls for intervention in Israeli strikes

Israeli settlers have set up a tent next to a Palestinian family’s camp in the Jordan Valley and demanded that the family leave.

Sarah Palin Concludes Brief Visit in Israel

Israel admits kidnapping Gazan engineer: PressTV – Israel admits kidnapping Gazan…

Don’t Dress Up Israeli Apartheid: BDS LOreal 19-03-2011 Melbourne.wmv: Don’t Dres…

Palestinian Stabbed by Settler in Tuwani Village in South Hebron Hills

Gaza violence spirals – Middle East Online

As Norway tells Israel to stop illegal settlement construction, Norwegian Fund is directly invested in it:

Bill Maher asks Michael Oren whether ‘being an Occupier has changed the Jewish people,’ but –

The Latest from Mondoweiss for 03/23/2011 –

6 Palestinians detained by army in WB

Palestinian Villages Destroyed during the Nakba

Checkpoint #hawara south of #nablus was closed and now released to get huge traffic jam..#occupiedpalestine

Israeli shelling on Gaza injures 2

Palestinian President meets Russian Foreign Minister

Israel attacks Gaza, Stalling Reconciliation Talks

New exchange between Gaza and Israel; 1 dead

Warplanes hit resistance in Gaza City, no injuries

Al-Quds Brigades vows to hit back strongly after killing of resistance fighters

Shalom: Situation reminiscent of run-up to Cast Lead

Warplanes hit militants in Gaza City, no injuries

More fighting in Gaza

Abbas to Russia: Pressure Netanyahu to end Gaza escalation – Jerusalem Post

Egypt Air removes Israel from map,7340,L-4046460,00.html

Itamar killings: a modest proposal

Israeli shelling on Gaza injures 2

UN slams Israel’s killing of children

Abbas: Jerusalem-Gaza road shortest path to unity

Mount of Olives vandalized and desecrated

In HasbaraSpeak, a dead 11-year-old is not a child, but a “youth”. Unless he’s Jewish, of course. |

Education Crisis in East Jerusalem – Palestine Monitor

Education Crisis in East Jerusalem – Palestine Monitor

Two rockets explode in residential Beersheba; 1 injured

#MAR15 is out!

Update: Israeli helicopter fire strikes Gaza

‘Israel may have to launch fresh operation against Gaza’

Daily Roundup: Two More Injured in Gaza Airstrikes, Five Arrests in Hebron

Hamas calls day of mourning; Abbas demands end to fire

Egyptian-international coalition to enter Gaza Strip via Rafah Border Crossing with ten tons…

Helen Thomas: Jews Control White House, Congress

Army storms several villages in Jenin

Early morning fire on Gaza injures 1

Haneyya appeals to UN security council to protect Gazans against Israel’s crimes

Gazan rockets hit deep in Israel, minister sees war

PCHR condemns killing of Gaza teens

AICafe 26.3: Israeli Perspectives on Middle East Changes


Brigades claim 4 projectile launches since midnight

Israeli tanks fire 3 shells at Gaza City, Eastern part

New on 972: “Knesset passed segregation bill. Palestinian Israelis are not allowed to live on land confiscated from them”

Rafah crossing border and its story.

GAZA Early morning fire on Gaza injures 1: Date 23/03/2011, 09:34 (Jerusalem)

TODAY: Ali Abunimah & David Cronin on “Israel, the ‘Peace Process’ & the Int’l Community”, Uni of Birmingham, 1pm & 7pm:

Barbaric Children Killers

Israel passes law against mourning its existence

Jerusalem-born bookshop owner loses residency rights in city of his birth

95 per cent of water supply in Gaza unfit for human consumption as Israel blocks repairs

Israeli settlements are ethnic cleansing says US representative on UN rights council

Israel foreign ministry in campaign against Freedom Flotilla II bid to break Gaza siege

Netanyahu: “P.A. Must Choose Between Peace And Hamas”

UN Official Condemns Israel’s Killing Of Children In Gaza

Haniyya Calls On UN To Protect The Palestinian People

A small war is starting along Gaza border

Israel seeks aid of diplomats to prevent flotilla going to Gaza

Arab revolution is an unstoppable force

UN slams Israel’s Killing of Children

Children among casualties of Israeli strike, medical sources say

Children Die in Israeli Gaza Attack

Israel kills 9 in Gaza in deadliest day in months

Eight killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks | Overview of Attacks and Related News

UAE seeks end to human rights violations in Palestine

Haniyeh asks UN Security Council to protect Gaza as it does Libya,7340,L-4046354,00.html

UN’s Serry condemns killing of civilians in Gaza

Foundation: Israeli forces enter Al-Aqsa compound

Germans back Israelis after Gaza fighting flares

Orthodox Jewish, British, Pro-Israel, Pro-peace

Fayyad freezes cabinet reshuffle to make place for possible Unity Government

Palestinian government calls on the international community to stop Israeli escalation against Gaza

Gaza: Stop Suppressing Peaceful Protests

Rape, occupation and racism – all a day’s work in Israel

Israeli Air Strikes Injure 19 in Gaza

Overview Attacks on Gaza 22 March 2011 : 10 Confirmed Dead, others injured  (continous updates)

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