Israel launches new string of attacks on Gaza

Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:9PM
Safa Joudeh, Press TV, Gaza

A string of Israeli military strikes on the Gaza Strip that began on Tuesday has left at least 10 people dead, and over 50 wounded. The Israeli attacks began with the unprovoked killing of two Hamas security personnel on March 16th.

Wednesday night, following artillery shelling of a residential neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza Strip, crowds gathered outside Alshifa hospital where the injured and dead were taken. Families mourn their loved ones amid fears of continued attacks.
A day of mourning was declared in Gaza on Wednesday. People packed into the Mosques praying for the souls of those killed. Thousands joined a collective funeral procession that carried the victims to their final resting place. A mother, says her final goodbyes, and a sister cry’s over her loss.
At the home of Adham harazeen, mourners gather to console the family. The 23 year old died in an Israeli missile strike on Wednesday night. His mother attempted to talk, but was unable to find word. His grandmother directs her words to Adham:
While Gazans struggle to come to terms with the recent violence, Israel’s opposition leader Tzipi Livni announced that the time had come for a fresh military campaign against Gaza.
The UN has condemned the attacks, and Egypt has warned Israel against military action in Gaza
Israel’s aggression towards Palestinians has long been a source of anger in the Arab world. Regional developments that have led to the weakening or ousting of Tel Aviv’s key allies in the Arab world are paving the way for a new Middle East order. And this will make it hard for Israel to pursue its current policies toward the Gaza Strip.


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