The Case of G4s: Private Security Companies and the Israeli Occupation

23 March 2011

By the Coalition of Women for Peace – 23 March 2011

A dramatic change is taking place in the form of Israeli control in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), whereby, in addition to soldiers and security officials, one begins to notice the growing presence of private security personnel. A number of Israeli security companies operate in the oPt, taking over some of the tasks that were traditionally executed by the army. Private companies provide a wide range of services to civilian and military occupation structures, including supplying circumferential security systems to settlements, maintaining security equipment in checkpoints, employing security personnel at checkpoints and securing construction sites of settlements and the Separation Wall. The variety of operations of private security companies illustrates, perhaps most lucidly, that the Israeli occupation today is sustained not only by state military forces, but also by a multitude of commercial and economic forces, whose activities in the oPt are interwoven into the establishment of control itself.

Read The Case of G4s: Private Security Companies and the Israeli Occupation (pdf)

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