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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks | Overview of Attacks and Related News

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GAZA ATTACK  March 22, 2011
Overview of related News:
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GAZA ATTACK  March 21, 2011
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Serving the Refugees of Dheisheh Camp: an Insight into the Popular Committee

Palestinian Killed In Syria Protests while helping evacuating wounded

Weekly Non-violent Protests Attacked in the West Bank

Settlers put a tent and try to force out Palestinians of their lands / des colons mettent une tente pour faire evacuer une famille palestinienne

Israeli Arrest Bilal Al Tamimi – اعتقال المصور الصحفي بلال التميمي

In Gaza, rocket attacks seen as a smokescreen

Abbas’s militias kidnap Islamic Jihad activists in the W. Bank

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian tent in Tubas

Haneen Zoabi: Who are you calling feminist?

Egyptian activists to break Gaza siege

Israeli court extends detention of Abu Sisi; orders media blackout on the case

Israel’s Cruel Punishment Of The Very Ill In Gaza:

Zionist Propaganda: Lieberman’s “Battle Bus” At British Unis

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian tent in Tubas: Date 25/03/2011, 21:51 (Jerusalem)

PHOTO |Israel planes attacking Palestinian intelligence agency building with 4 rockets F16 in GAZA

Tahrir Documents, online collection here

How to spot bias in news articles on Israel – Palestine

Legal expert warns of “ethnic cleansing” in Jerusalem

Man dies, 130 injured in Jordan clashes

Silence over Nakba Law encourages racism

Occupation hands home demolition notices in Salfit villages

Gaza Blockade Ending

Witnesses: 2 Palestinians detained at checkpoint

Detained man’s wife appeals to PA

How Salam Fayyad is undermining Islamism in the West Bank. – Slate Magazine

‘Gates Visit to Ramallah Marks First for U.S. Defense Secretary’ – Bloomberg

Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead

On World Water Day, support the academic boycott call:

Please do something about Goldstone report, bring justice for 1400 victim. Report executive summary:

100 hurt in Jordan protests

March 15 and the roots of our struggle

AIPAC apologizes for attempting to fund raise off of yesterday’s bombing in Jerusalem

News from Nabi Saleh: Israel has now arrested 10% of people of Palestinian village who nonviolently oppose occupation

Words that distort Palestine

Pics from today’s demo: Sheikh Jarrah to Police station following arrest of our activist in Silwan

Egyptian Foreign Minister sends Israel strongly-worded message about Gaza

Make new IDF unit’s job harder: Sign Me Out Helps You Track Unauthorized Access to Your Gmail and Facebook Accounts:

Hamas condemns new Israeli racist laws

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

Occupation: Opening in a Theater Near You



PLO: Violence underscores urgency of ending occupation

Gaza situation pitiful but no-fly zone never imposed

Israeli aircraft destroys roadside poster of Shaikh Ahmed Yassin and Ismail Haniyeh

Tensions rise in the Gaza Strip as Israeli leaders threaten major ground invasion

Hamas govt promises to ease media restrictions

Israel vows to launch bigger war on Gaza than Cast Lead

Egyptian FM discusses trying Zionist war criminals with the ICC

Netanyahu: Israel ready to react with ‘great force’

Target Israel, not Libya

Unprovocated tear gas attack sparks clashes in Bir Ayyub

Gates first U.S. defense chief to visit Palestinians

Israeli minister, media perpetuate lie about Goldstone’s Gaza report

Rightist Facebook group: How do we get explosives?

Turkey ‘deeply concerned’ over violence

Oxfam calls for Calm

Continued Airstrikes Wound Three in Gaza City; Civilians Targeted in Deir Balah and Beit Hanoun

Israeli forces carry out massive dawn raid

Clashes pierce Silwan’s holy day once again

Israeli Army May Deploy Anti-Rocket Defense System Along Gaza

Egypt tells Israel it is committed to the peace accord

Detention of Gazan Engineer Extended by Israeli Magistrates Court

Daily Roundup: Palestinians Evicted from Jordan Valley, Youth Arrested in Balata Refugee Camp

9 Detained From Hebron District

PCHR Weekly Report: Ten Palestinians Killed, 24 Wounded Since Thursday

Al-Arabi,”” Egypt Honors Agreements, Holds Israel Responsible For Gaza Attacks

Swiss President announces plans to break Gaza siege

Egypt’s MB urges army to end Gaza

Al Mezan calls on world to save Gaza’s children from Israeli aggression

Five occupation airstrikes against targets in Gaza, a young man wounded

Four arrested after heated clashes in Beit Ummar

OCHA report: Jerusalem housing inadequate for Palestinians

Child and Father Abducted From Sea

AIPAC apologizes for fundraising off bomb attack

PA frees Islamic Jihad leaders arrested after bombing

PFLP, PRC claim joint launch toward Negev

Ramallah youth message Palestinian leadership

Israeli planes strike Gaza targets, wounding three

Israel flags new attacks on Gaza

Four rockets hit southern Israel; Schools closed in major towns

Russia attempts to bridge Israel-Palestine gap

Palestinian Resistance Fires Shells At Ashkelon

Is it war?

Israeli Soldiers Arrest Bassem Tamimi, Coordinator of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee

Reports: Israel Fired Airstrikes in Gaza

Israeli Apartheid Week In Gaza

Palestinian shot after injuring soldier

Israel ready to react with ‘great force’: Netanyahu

Settlers ‘install fence’ at Palestinian home

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