Occupation hands home demolition notices in Salfit villages

25/03/2011 – 07:03 PM

SALFIT, (PIC)– IOF troops raided the village of Broqin in the northern West Bank district of Salfit and handed demolition notices to the owners of two homes in the village on the pretext that their homes are built in area C, where Palestinians are prohibited to build.

The head of the Broqin council, Ekrema Samara said in a press statement: “The village, which has been surrounded by settlements especially Barkan industrial complex, is facing serious plans aiming to confiscate more land and check the village’s expansion.”

He added that the villagers are already denied making use of their own lands which are confiscated for settlement building causing the village a housing crisis.

Samara also said that two residents of the village, Jad and Ahmad Baker were handed demolition notices for their homes, bringing the number of homes threatened with demolition in the village to 70 homes.

He concluded by saying that unless the Zionist drive to expand settlements is checked and demolition of Palestinian homes is stopped then matters are heading for a disaster, especially that the occupation authority classifies as zone “C” about 73% of the West Bank and bars Palestinians from building in those areas.


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