Tragedy once again struck out in the streets of Jerusalem yesterday afternoon. An explosive device went off near a crowded bus terminal killing one person and wounding over thirty others.

As soon as the press arrived at the scene organised mobs gathered to chant ‘Maved l’Aravim’ (death to Arabs), the battle cry of the very wrong right. This coming just a day after Israel did, in fact, kill a number of civilians in Gaza.

As in the attack in Itamar two weeks ago, there are no suspects and there have been no arrests, but the zionists have entered a collective plea of guilt to the entire nation of Palestine. Without investigation, the ‘verdict’ is in.

Radical elements opposed to a sane solution in the Palestinian camp feed this insanity by often ‘claiming responsibility’ just for the heck of it. In most cases there is no basis for this, in fact the claims often come from non existent groups obviously for no other reason but to support the claims of the zionists themselves.

An eye for an eye? At this stage all that does is leave everyone blind. That’s exactly the situation we are in today, two peoples plodding along and literally bumping into each other. This is a situation that can and will lead to nowhere. The killing must stop, the terrorism must stop and a Peace Process MUST begin. There is no other solution.

I have often stated on this Blog that the Western Press ignores the situation in Palestine. The Lobby and their ilk in the United States continues to pull out the ‘victim card’ when it comes to events in Israel, thereby making sure that their side gets maximum press coverage. Ironically, this is not enough to satisfy those that seem to thrive on the ‘victim’ status. See that in this short YouTube presentation….


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