Abbas’s militias kidnap Islamic Jihad activists in the W. Bank

25/03/2011 – 07:56 PM

THE WEST BANK, (PIC)– The armed militia of Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank continued the frenzied arrest campaign against the Palestinian resistance activists in the West bank as they kidnapped six Islamic Jihad activists in different parts of the region, local sources revealed.

In Tulkarem city, a Fatah court decided to detain Sheikh Adnan Siffarini, who is an Awkaf inspector of mosques, for 15 days.

Meanwhile, IOF troops raided a number of homes of former captives at Abbas’s jails in Tulkarem and handed them summonses to attend Israeli occupation security offices for questioning, these raids included Husam Nuri, Hazem Nuri and Islamboli Bdeir.

Husam Nuri was a teacher who was sacked by Abbas’s authority for political reasons.

In Jenin, a PA court sentenced Islamic Jihad activist Mohammed Ahamd Jaradat to six months in jail but reduced the period to three months, which he already served, and a penalty charge.

Jaradat is the coordinator of the Islamic bloc at the Najah University. He was kidnapped and jailed in Abbas’s prisons in the West Bank many times.

In al-Khalil district, the IOF arrested Yousef al-wawdi from the town of Dura only one week after being released from Abbas’s jails. They also arrested Muhammad Shehada from the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem four weeks after being released from Abbas’s jails where he spent about 50 days.

In Al-Khalil city, south of the West Bank, the militia of Abbas kidnapped four  Islamic Jihad activists identified as Ismael Al-Huroob, Abdullah Sayaera, Ahmad Al-Kassar, and Khalid Halahleh. All the four were recently released from Israeli jails.

Abbas’s militia and the Israeli occupation forces were coordinating security in the West Bank and exchanging roles in chasing and kidnapping Palestinian activists and resistance fighters using the “rotating door” policy.


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