Detained leader’s life in jeopardy after 16 days of hunger strike

26/03/2011 – 07:18 AM

TULKAREM, (PIC)– The wife of detained Hamas leader Abbas Assayed has held the Israeli occupation authority and its prison administration responsible for the life of her husband who has been on hunger strike for 16 days.

Ikhlas Assayed told the PIC reporter in Tulkarem on Friday that her husband’s health has deteriorated as a result of the strike and was carried to Ramle prison hospital.

She said that Abbas was adamant on continuing his hunger strike after the prison administration renewed his solitary confinement and confiscated his personal belongings.

The wife said that Abbas was punished for speaking to Al-Jazeera during his court hearing more than two weeks ago, adding that he was put in an underground cell and all his belongings were confiscated even the radio.

Ikhlas appealed to human rights groups to intervene for his sake, adding that he has been deprived of visits for the past year.

His lawyer Mohammed Abdeen was able to visit him in Ramle on Thursday after strenuous efforts with the prisoner administration, which at start refused to allow him to visit his client, the wife concluded.


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