Health Ministry warns of ‘catastrophe’ if Israel attacks amid medical crisis

26/03/2011 – 08:37 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– The Ministry of Health in Gaza has warned that a new Israeli aggression on the Strip could lead to a ”catastrophe” as the region suffers a dangerous shortage of medical supplies.

The ministry’s pharmaceutical director Muneer al-Bursh said in a statement Friday that there is a shortage of 153 medicines and 135 medical supplies used in intensive care, surgery, dialysis, and chronic illnesses.

Bursh expressed concern that the medical situation could deteriorate and ”reach catastrophic levels with dire consequences” as Israel continues threats to escalate attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Bursh called for urgent intervention to meet the ministry’s medical needs and to ”save the lives of the wounded and injured and the hundreds of patients in intensive care.”

He also called upon Egyptian authorities to fully open the Rafah border crossing ”to ease the entry of medical aid to the Gaza Strip especially in light of the brutal Israeli aggression.”


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