Israel is guilty, bears responsibility for latest violence

25/03/2011 – 09:40 PM

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Ever since its genocidal onslaught against the Gaza Strip more than two years ago, Israel has had a free season on the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. And every time the Palestinians sought to defend themselves, Israeli leaders would get quite mad, threatening to unleash their huge military machine against the unprotected Palestinian population.

On Tuesday, 22 March, Israel fired artillery shells on civilian Palestinian neighborhoods east of Gaza, killing eight people, including two children who were playing football outside their homes.

Some of the other victims had just prayed at the local mosque in Shujaiya before an artillery shell cut their life short.

Needless to say, the two children are added to a long list of children who were killed knowingly and deliberately by the very army of a state that doesn’t hesitate to babble about the sanctity of human life every time a Jewish settler terrorist is hurt in the West Bank.

Israel has not changed; Israel won’t change, it will always be a murderous, terrorist state that is hell-bent on killing the Palestinians and trying to liquidate their national existence.

This Nazi-like process didn’t start yesterday or last month or last year. It started ever since this evil regime came into existence more than sixty years, and it has continued unabated ever since.

The Palestinian people, whether in Gaza or elsewhere, have every right to live in peace and security from the criminal specter of the Israeli killing machine. However, practicing that right has always been a distant dream for most Palestinians.

The reason is simple. Israel, the racist state whose very existence is based on ethnic cleansing and land theft, wants to steal as much as possible of Palestinian land in order to expand Jewish settlements as much as possible.

According to Zionist logic, Palestinians must never resist the unmitigated theft of their ancestral homeland by East European land thieves, or else they would be killed and maimed by the American-supplied Zionist killing machine.

This logic must be discarded and rejected. The Palestinian people have the right to freedom from Zionist terror; and if Palestinians can’t be safe and secure in Gaza and Nablus and Jerusalem, then it is inevitable that Israelis won’t be safe and secure in Jewish cities.

The Palestinians are never the starters of violence and bloodshed. The real starters of violence and bloodshed are those racist Khazari thugs who came from Eastern Europe to sow terror and bloodshed and usurp a land that doesn’t belong to them; a land they wanted to arrogate based on highly doubted religious whims and mythology.

The explosion in West Jerusalem on Wednesday is another reminder that no matter what security precautions the Zionist regime takes and irrespective of the level of security coordination between that regime and the pliant Palestinian Authority, there will always be a Palestinian man or woman who would risk his or her life to demonstrate to the Israeli establishment that the occupation has a price.

In short, Israel will never ever be secure as long as this Nazi-like occupation continues. This is a fact of life that all Zionists and their allies must be sure of.

The Palestinians do realize that their struggle for freedom and justice is a long and difficult one.  They also realize that this struggle has a price which they have to pay in terms of their blood and their lives.  And they have, as the people of Palestine know quite well that their very survival as a people is inextricably entwined with their ability to keep up the struggle, otherwise they might experience definitive national demise since Israel’s ultimate goal has always been and continues to bring out our national demise.

The recent pornographic bloodshed, especially in the Gaza Strip, is another reminder that the strife with Israel is not about to be settled or resolved, neither by political means, e.g., by way of a moribund and totally bankrupt peace process that even small children in the streets of occupied Palestine know has no real promise for a just and lasting peace, nor by the imposition of capitulation on Palestinians and Muslims.

With the auspicious revolutions now taking place in many Arab countries, there are good portents that the Arab and Muslim world will be in a markedly better position to force Israel to give up its theft of Arab land in Palestine.

The demise of several Arab regimes that only paid lip service to the Palestinian cause while effectively serving the Zionist cause by tormenting their own peoples and thus seriously restricting their countries’ ability to stand in the face of Zionism is certainly good news for the Palestinian cause and bad news for Zionist insolence.

At the very least, the Zionist regime would from now on think twice before launching the kind of genocidal aggressions, such as the 2008-9 aggression on Gaza, which was carried out in connivance and collusion with the Mubarak regime of Egypt which has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

The continuing loss of lives on the Palestinian side, especially in the Gaza Strip, is painful to every Palestinian, Arab and Muslim. However, Palestinians should always remember that their very survival as a people is at stake and that Zionism is a genocidal movement that always seeks to emulate the Third Reich in every conceivable aspect, from racism to the Lebensraum concept.

It is the Palestinian people’s fate that we are at the forefront of the resistance against the colonialist Zionist enterprise, aiming at occupying our land and obliterating our very existence. Hence, we must escape our fate because doing so, God forbid, would jeopardize our very survival as a people.


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