Palestinian center urges Ukraine to pressure for the release of Abu Sisi

26/03/2011 – 10:49 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Center for the Defense of Detainees in Gaza has called on the Ukraine to disclose the circumstances of engineer Dirar Abu Sisi’s abduction and to give its official position on the incident.

The Ukraine government has summoned the Israeli ambassador but has yet to disclose its official position. The Palestinian center asked the Ukraine press to pressure its government into demanding Abu Sisi’s release.

Abu Sisi, a key Gaza engineer who mysteriously disappeared in the Ukraine a month ago, will remain in Israeli custody for at least another week.

A Petah Tikvah court ruled his term would be extended to gather more evidence against him, a move Abu Sisi’s lawyers believe indicates prosecutors do not have enough evidence to indict him.

Abu Sisi went missing in the Ukraine on Feb. 19 and was last seen boarding a train bound for the capital Kiev.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, whose lawyer interviewed him, he was flown to Israel after being abducted while on the train.

Why he is being held has yet to be determined, but the defense team says interrogators are trying to coerce him into admitting to ties with Hamas leadership.

“Dirar is the main operational manager for the power plant in Gaza. If it wasn’t for Dirar, the power plant would not operate. He is not politically involved in any political party. The plant used to work on the Israeli solar or petrol. Dirar managed a way to make the turbines work and operate on the Egyptian solar or petrol,” Susan Abu Sisi, his sister, told CNN.

The engineer was denied legal rights upon his arrest, and his abduction from the Ukraine was in violation of European extradition conventions and international law, his lawyers and rights groups say.


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