Ahrar: Israeli aggression after UNHRC vote a challenge to the world

28/03/2011 – 11:02 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– As the UN Human Rights Council has asked the Security Council to review the Goldstone report, Israel’s continued onslaught on Gaza amounts to a clear challenge to the entire world, said the Palestinian Ahrar movement in a statement on Sunday.

Most recently, Israel dispatched reconnaissance drones that killed two men in northern Gaza Strip and critically injured another on Sunday morning.

Earlier, the UNHRC voted on several issues concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including a vote that would have the UN Security Council review the Goldstone report, which documents war crimes committed by Israel during its 2008-2009 aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The Ahrar movement, initially a branch of Fatah, called on the security council to take steps to thwart Israel’s recent aggression that has so far killed ten and injured around 50, some critically.

Palestinian factions have vowed to abide by the agreed upon calm if Israel ceased ongoing attacks.

Meanwhile, a high profile Israeli official has said Israel plans to cut ties with the Palestinian National Authority, which governs the West Bank, if upcomming reconciliation talks resulted in a unity government with Hamas.

PA chief Mahmoud Abbas has recently met with Aziz Dweik, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in Ramallah to discuss ways to end the Hamas-Fatah split.

The official told Jerusalem Post that Israel wants to see Mahmoud Abbas in control of the PA and also wants the PA to regain control of the Gaza Strip.

Abbas must choose if he wants peace with us or peace with Hamas, the official said.


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