Bardawil: Statements by Mofaz reflect Israel’s bloody mentality

28/03/2011 – 10:17 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– The call by former Israeli war minister Shaul Mofaz to resume assassinations in the Gaza Strip reflected the bloody mentality of Israel’s rulers, Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, a senior Hamas leader, said on Sunday.

He told the PIC that the statement was not the first of its kind and reflected a general trend in the Israeli occupation state that champions a policy of aggression against the Palestinian people.

Israel is bent on killing Palestinians and destroying their infrastructure, Bardawil said, adding that Israel should not be acquitted of crimes against the Palestinians.

This is an Israeli creed and it will not stop fighting and attacking the Palestinians, the Hamas MP opined.

He said that the internal agreement among the Palestinian resistance factions to maintain calm was meant to serve Palestinian interests in light of certain circumstances and was not meant as a reward for Israel.

Mofaz, the head of the Israeli parliament’s foreign and security affairs committee, told a session for the committee held in Beer Sheba on Sunday that Israel must return to targeted killings (assassinations) in the Gaza Strip.

He said it was not acceptable that Israel would continue to build fortifications while life goes on normally in the Strip. He also called for preserving Israel’s offensive capabilities and deterrence.


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