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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks | Overview of Attacks and Related News

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Israel studies plan to build island off Gaza strip: report

UN chief: End occupation, divide Jerusalem,7340,L-4049602,00.html

Tractors confiscated in Al Jiftlik, Jordan Valley

Arab League could host Palestinian unity talks

Bethlehem Youth Block a Road for National Unity

Greens and BDS: Two Birds with One Stone

PLO factions urge leaders to seize opportunity for unity

Mentally handicapped 4 year old arrested by Israeli forces in Silwan

More Palestinians return to Gaza from Libya

Israeli intelligence arrest youth in Silwan

Largescale raid in Silwan this afternoon

Abu Sabh: Israeli new laws will make Shalit’s captors raise their demands

Israeli Barbarians torturing Palestinians

Children of Palestine

iRemember… | الشهداء

Gaza family mourns boy killed by Israeli Shell

Reality vs. Propaganda: The An Nabi Saleh Protests

Who Will Protect the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza?

Palestinian family forced out of Ein Hilwe / Une famille palestinienne expulsee de Ein Hilwe, Jordan Valley

Hamas Expects Egypt to Change Gaza Policy

Hamas, Cairo to restart dialogue on Palestinian reconciliation

Eyewitness Gaza preview (video)

Zahhar: Hamas wants Abbas to engage in serious national dialog:

What if the world community reacted to Israel’s Gaza attack like it did Libya? How the 2008/09 Gaza “war” should’ve happened

60 Detained in Awarta. DNA Samples Taken

Swiss human rights organisation demands arrest of Shimon Peres during visit

IOF aggression on Gaza killed 14 and wounded 48 in ten days

PHRF: UNRWA disregards lives of Palestinian refugees

Seven Injured, 12 Huts Destroyed as Troops Attack Hebron Hills Village

Amira: PA Studying How to Discharge Obligations to Israel in September

Israeli Troops Reinvade Awarta and Arrest 60 Civilians

Haneen Zoabi on the “Nakba bill”: “This is a kind of law to control our memory, to control our collective memory.”

Facebook removes page calling for third intifada

New: Tractors confiscated in Al Jiftlik, Jordan Valley

Swiss human rights organisation demands arrest of war criminal Shimon Peres during visit

Hamas official: Abbas visit will end division

Zoabi: Revoking my parliamentary privileges is political persecution:

Israel’s Latest Defense Moves Controversial Opposed by Civil Rights Assoc.: Israel has been the target of …

Omar Hussein, 16 yrs, suffered concussions & bruises after being attacked by israeli occupation soldiers

Minister Abu Assabeh demands Ban Ki-moon to protect Palestinian prisoners

IOF troops raid Awarta, round up dozens

Soldiers seal off Palestinian town and arrest teenagers after settler attacks

March 15 and the roots of our struggle

Popular outcry against British government’s decision to change law on universal jurisdiction

More citizens of Awarta arrested in night raid

Israel slams Palestinian unity efforts

Israel warns against Palestinian statehood bid

Hamas: Israeli onslaught on our people would not weaken them

BBC VIDEO – Louis Theroux – Ultra Zionists – PT1

“Justice” is Served, Israeli Occupation Style: Meet Zvi Struck. Struck is an Israeli settler from a colonial out…

Israel’s residential building strategy driven by aim of keeping Arabs ‘in their place’

Detainees join March 15 movement hunger strike

Israeli court illegally extends detention of lawyer Issawi and her brothers

Abu Zuhri: Fatah authority protecting Israel’s security

Israel plans 1608 new housing units in OJ

Homes destroyed by Israeli Army in Amnyir, South Hebron Hills

Hunger striker Assayed in very bad deteriorating health condition

European initiative against settlement and wall launched in The Hague

Gilad Atzmon: Captain Israel- A Sickening Hasbara Magazine For Jewish Diaspora Youngsters

The Israeli incitement problem: A personal look at a children’s book

Israel passes law nixing citizenship for treason

IOF assaults six senior citizens during demolitions east of Yatta, raids Gaza

A Palestinian engineer is due in court on Thursday after he was detained in Ukraine and taken to Israel by force….

Paralyzed detainee enters 22nd year in prison

Bob Geldof : Please Respect the Palestinian Boycott

Rabbis Against the Occupation: Panel on Judaism & Palestinian Solidarity: Tuesday, April 5, 6pm at Brandeis U:

Facebook page supporting Palestinian intifada pulled down


PA “Ready to Relinquish American Aid”

Hamas: PA detained 2 members in West Bank


‘If Palestinians declare state, Israel weighing annexation’

Gaza children hosted in Turkey: We don’t want another war

Arab League holds Israel responsible for lives of prisoners gone hungry

Abbas Advisor: Israel May Respond to Palestinian Statehood by Controlling Jordan Valley Settlements

Mofaz calls for resumption of targeted assassinations in Gaza

March 15 and the roots of our struggle | Sabbah Report

Interview w/ Israeli BDS activist Tali Shapiro: The fear of international isolation is shifting the discourse in Israel

PCBS: Rate of Settlement Construction Quadrupled Last Year

Shorter Israeli official: If Palestinians declare state, we’ll do what we’ve been planning anyway. But more, & faster!

New: Homes destroyed by Israeli Army in Amnyir, South Hebron Hills

Israeli envoy in Cairo for talks

No place for Israeli threats as Palestine seeks UN recognition

MEMO To The Brave Nations Uniting To Defend Civilians In Libya…

Israel threatens unilateral steps if UN recognizes Palestinian state

Amidst fake bomb shelters, one student admits he’d rather live in Sderot under missiles than in Gaza under siege

Islamic movements withdraw from elections in Birzeit University

Sole remaining Gaza crossing delivers supplies

In Cairo, Hamas calls for open crossings

Hajj pilgrims in Gaza receive 900 delayed bags

Clashes as Bedouin homes taken down, again

Israeli police declare state of alert in OJ

The humanitarian relief effort to support Palestinians in Gaza got a boost at an event in Montreal on Thursday…

Israeli tanks accompany bulldozers into Gaza

Israeli forces demolish 12 Bedouin tents near Yatta

Awarta residents DNA tested in Itamar case

Clashes take place in Silwan town

Israel Threatens to Take Action if UN Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

From Jerusalem to Washington, Myth Disguised as News

‘Israel liable for Hamas leader’s life’

Another Zionist takes on the Israel lobby (and the Jewish imperative to unify against the outside world)

Saving Gaza One Family at a Time | Video


Court orders Jerusalem family to share home with settlers

Palestinian Youth Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Soldiers

A cameraman inside a settlement in Wadi Hilweh provoked the citizens

‘Freedom Fair’ ends in support of Palestine, Arab countries

Live ammunition fired wantonly in Bir Ayyub

Israel trying to scupper moves on Palestinian unity as it launches more attacks on Gaza



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