Hamas: Knesset’s citizenship revocation law targets the Palestinian presence

30/03/2011 – 01:14 PM

GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the Israeli Knesset for approving a draft law enabling the government to revoke the citizenship of any Palestinian living inside the 1948 occupied lands.

In a press release, Hamas said this law is part of an Israeli racist campaign aimed at enacting laws able to uproot the Palestinian natives from their lands and homes.

Hamas appealed to all parliaments of the world, humanitarian organizations and legal bodies to urgently move to confront this Israeli campaign that targets the Palestinian presence in the 1948 occupied cities and villages.

For its part, the Palestinian ministry of justice also condemned what it described as the “wave of illegitimate racist laws” that are passed by the Zionist Knesset and target the Palestinian natives in the 1948 occupied territories.

The ministry in a press release on Tuesday stated that the racist laws which are discussed and approved by the Knesset against the indigenous people of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 does not change the fact that Israel is an occupation entity and illegitimate state.

It appealed to the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation state and force it to respect the international law and stop its violation of human rights against the Palestinians.


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