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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks | Overview of Attacks and Related News

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♻ All about Gaza Cast Lead War Memorial  | Updates, News, Sources

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♻ Updated: Settler Violence=Zionism=Terrorism & has NOTHING to do with REAL #Judaism: #Palestine #Apartheid



Ban Ki-moon Calls for Solution to Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Palestinians Urge Quartet to Help Lift Israeli Siege on Gaza

Palestinians commemorate Land Day

Olmert: states hasn’t moved forward in 2 years,7340,L-4050180,00.html

Netanyahu confirms Gaza man held by Israel

Palestinian President Meets With Israeli Organization

Netanyahu Digging His Own Grave

16 Israeli activists unlawfully arrested in South Hebron Hills

Report: Palestinians cleared in Israel rape case

Israel earmarks financial allocations for building hotels in OJ

Removed third intifada page regains 27,000 fans in first day

Lia Tarachansky: Israel’s new military ally

Thousands Mark Land Day In The Negev

Boycott: No longer taboo in progressive pro-Israel circles

Searching For Its Director, Army Breaks Into Wadi Hiweh Information Center

Thousands of Palestinians take part in ‘Land Day’ protests across Israel/Palestine

Bahar marks Land Day

Israeli activists call for a ‘no fly zone’ over Gaza

Palestinian prisoners conditions deteriorate in Israel

For the Love of Palestine

IOF troops arrest five Palestinians

Hamas On Land Day: Adhere To Jihad, The Resistance, And Palestine From Sea To River

Haneyya affirms solidarity with all prisoners

On land day anniversary, Hamas renews its oath to defend land and rights

Israeli Arabs, Bedouins protest discrimination

Book review: Waiting for redemption in “The Hour of Sunlight”

Britain about to politicise the application of universal jurisdiction

Peres greeted by protesters in London,7340,L-4050054,00.html

Settlement building increased fourfold in 2010

Land Day: Marches Reported in Galilee and Negev, Knesset Members Decry Occupation

Facebook shuts pro-Palestinian page

Bill: Ban Money transfers from Israel to Gaza,7340,L-4050021,00.html

The BDS Tour – Palestine Vivra [Palestine Shall Live

Abu Sisi’s wife: He never spoke about Shalit,7340,L-4049937,00.html

Knesset passes law to revoke the citizenship of its Palestinian citizens

Hamas denies being kicked out of Syria

Israel Treated Gaza Like Its Own Private Death Laboratory

The Jewish hand behind Internet:

Carleton board meeting canceled as students block access: Group demands U boycott Israel

PalestineCenter: Land Day/Youm Al Ard: What it Means and why it’s important

4 million Israeli cluster bombs: this is the number of cluster bombs that Israel planted in South Lebanon.  In 2…

Book review by Dr. Hanan Chehata Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions – The global struggle for Palestinian Rights. BDS

The Hague Regulations: About obligations of Occupier:

Disengaged Occupiers About The Hague Regulations & 4th Geneva Convention:

Click to access Report%20for%20the%20website.pdf

EU and Palestinian Authority meet on Human Rights, Good Governance and Rule of Law – EU press release 30/03/2011:

مسيرة يوم الارض في اللد –
Day of the Land in Lydda [Lyd] Occupied Palestine

Israel Considering Annexing Illegal West Bank Settlements [ta]

UN chief: Occupation, settlements must end

Der Spiegel: Israel kidnapped Abu Sisi to question him on Shalit

General strike in 1948 occupied Palestine on Land Day

Hamas: Knesset’s citizenship revocation law targets the Palestinian presence

New on +972: Denounce! The self-purification practice of the Left (and not just in Israel)

Special topic about Settler Violence:

Special Topic about Palestinian Prisoners:

Hospitalized Sayyid to continue hunger strike until all demands are met

Palestinian prisoners intend to escalate their protest steps

Hamas says 2 detained by PA

Palestinians commemorate Land Day

Tel Aviv threatens unilateral action if Palestinian state is recognized

Ban Ki-moon: “The Occupation that Started in 1967 is Morally and Politically Unsustainable”

Israel delays Gaza prisoners release

Boy found to have lied about rape,7340,L-4049847,00.html

Twana Village: Living in Settler Hell

Child exiled from home for stone throwing

Awarta police officer detained in night raid

Hamas meets with new Egyptian FM in Cairo

Israel Seeks To Stop Palestine Bid For International Recognition

Lawyer of Gaza engineer: He has no info on Gilad Shalit,7340,L-4049700,00.html

Power cable equipment to enter via sole crossing

Lafta inhabitants reject Israeli plans to sell their land

A Palestinian man killed, another badly injured in brutal air raid on Rafah area

Tension running high in Silwan

Palestinian fighter killed, another wounded in Israeli air strike

Palestinian dies in Israeli airstrike

Palestinian rights campaigners prevented from leaving protest against Shimon Peres because the… (cont)

Maariv: settlers leaders deeply involved in selecting the new head of Shin Beit (internal security service)

Hamas expects Egypt to change Gaza policy

IOA crimes would not weaken the Palestinians

Netanyahu suing Channel 10, Maariv for libel over ‘Bibi-Tours report’ allegations

Palestinian killed in Gaza blitz

Settlers stone police in nighty clash,7340,L-4049649,00.html

Defense Ministry ordered to release internal documents on Gaza policies

Israel releases 7 Palestinian prisoners (video)

Hamas official: Party will accept Abbas initiative to end division

Israel kills Palestinian civilian in Gaza

♻ Gaza Under Attack | March 30, 2011

Gaza’s Islamic Jihad militant group says Israeli airstrike kills 1 fighter

One Dead, One Injured in Gaza,7340,L-4049648,00.html

Israel Air Raid On Gaza Kills One – Palestinian Medics

Israel hampers aid agencies at Gaza crossings

In the last 10 days, Israel has killed 14 in Gaza, including five children, and wounded 48

Report: Gaza border violence in March 2011

1500 in Land Day protest in Lod

Workers’ strikes and protests in Israel (video)

Another Victim of Occupation 2011: Fighter Assassinated In Rafah

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