Report: Gaza border violence in March 2011

The following is a summary of reports on projectile fire, gunfights, air strikes and artillery fire in the Gaza border area since the beginning of March until March 23, 2011


1 March

Armed wings of Hamas and PFLP claim fire at Israeli forces in northern Strip.

Witnesses say Israeli fire injures 22-year-old Gaza man in southern Strip. Israeli military says soldiers did not fire back at factions operating in south, AFP reports force used new “antitank” interception system.

2 March

Witnesses say Israeli force enters southern Gaza under gunfire. No injuries reported. Israeli military denies fire.

PFLP fighters say fired on an Israeli military patrol in the northern Gaza Strip.

3 March

DFLP says fighters fired a C5K rocket toward an Israeli military guard tower in southern Gaza Strip. An Israeli military statement says a projectile hit the Sdot Negev Regional Council overnight, but caused no injuries.

4 March

Israeli warplanes strike car in central Gaza causing no injuries. Israeli military says unfamiliar with incident.

Israeli press reports launch of two projectiles from Gaza late in the evening. No factions claim launch.

6 March

Israeli warplanes target three areas in the central and northern Gaza Strip, causing damage to sports club, tunnel, university building but no injuries.

9 March

Israeli media reports projectile launch from southern Gaza Strip. No faction claims launch.

10 March

Israeli media reports projectile launch from southern Gaza Strip. No faction claims launch.

11 March

Israeli media reports projectile launch from southern Gaza Strip. No faction claims launch.

16 March

An Israeli air strike hits a training base near the former settlement of Nitzarim, killing two and injuring a third.

An army spokesman says the strike was in response to a projectile that had been fired from Gaza earlier in the day.

There were no claims of fire from Gaza factions of fire. Israeli media did not report projectile fire.

Hamas affiliates report Israeli artillery fire east of Gaza City.

17 March

Israeli fighter jets drop leaflets over Gaza advising civilians to stay away from border area. Military confirms operation.

18 March

Israeli military says soldiers fired on by Gaza fighters. Army says its soldiers were “performing a routine activity” in the coastal enclave, and that it would “choose the method of response as per arising security assessments.”

No factions claim launch.

19 March

Israeli tanks strike targets in the Gaza Strip in two rounds of fire. Medics say three injured in first round, two in second including children.

Shelling destroys Gaza power lines.

Israeli police say at least 49 mortars exploded within in the regional councils bordering Gaza, including Sdot Negev, and Eshkol regional council. Two lightly hurt by shrapnel, police say.

Hamas claims to have fired mortar shells toward Israeli targets, including the Kerem Shalom and Sufa military bases.. Statement says barrage in retaliation for “crimes and the ongoing air and ground strikes on the Gaza Strip the latest of which targeted and killed two Hamas’ fighters.”

Two 17-year-old Gazans killed by Israeli fire in the central Gaza Strip.

20 March

PFLP fighters say projectile launched toward Israeli military post on the border near the central Gaza Strip. Israeli media say Grad-style rocket hits outside of Ashkelon.

Israeli artillery fire injures one man in the central Gaza Strip.

NRB fighters say home-made projectile launched toward the Israeli military post at Kissufim, east of the Gaza Strip town of Dir Al-Balah.

21 March

PFLP- GC says fighters fired a projectile toward an Israeli moshav near the Gaza border.

Hamas’ armed wing says it will commit to a truce if Israel stops bombarding the Gaza Strip. Al-Qassam Brigades vow to resist if Israel continues to attack the coastal enclave.

Shortly before midnight Israeli warplanes target sites across the Gaza Strip injuring at least 18 people including seven children, witnesses and medics say.

Ten people arrive at the Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and seven others are taken to Kamal Udwan Hospital in the north, the BBC reports.

22 March

NRB fighters say they launched an attack on the Sufa military post shortly after midnight, targeting the site with a homemade projectile.

An Israeli military statement says that a “military-use projectile fired from Gaza landed in Eshkol Regional Council” on Tuesday morning, the region to the south of the Gaza Strip. Israeli media says projectile hits western Negev.

Shortly before 10 a.m. Israeli artillery strike injures one man east of Gaza City.

Shortly before noon, an Israeli drone critically injures a second man east of Gaza City.

Around 4 p.m., Israeli tanks shell a home east of Gaza City, killing 5 including 11-year-old and 16-year-old. Family was playing football outside home when shell hit, medics say.

In fourth strike of day, Israeli warplanes fire missiles killing four men south of Gaza City. Medics say victims were members of Al-Quds Brigades. Israel army says fighter jets targeted “group of terrorists” about to launch projectile into Israel.



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