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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks | Overview of Attacks and Related News

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Launch of new website as part of Global BDS Day of Action

…Continous Updates…

Israelis defend abduction of Palestinian engineer

Dominci in Israel: dispossession by Law

For the Love of Egypt: When Besieged Palestinians Danced

Palestinian engineer kidnapped in Ukraine appears in Israeli court

Army continue to harass Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley

Settlers attacked Rula Al-Qwasmy Palestinian woman 36-year-old suffered broken bones & a concussion

Al-Jazeera journalists freed, with help from Abbas

The Palestine Film Festival is on in London now:

Palestinian occupation profiteer crows: “Salaries in the West Bank are low, in comparison to Israel and the West…”

Ban on Omar lifted: Barghouti to Visit Northeastern U.S. April 9-15

Army continue to harass Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley

BDS victory against Ahava in UK

Beit Ommar: IDF imposing collective punishment,7340,L-4050582,00.html

Palestinian protest organizer to remain under arrest

Israeli watchdog to investigate Netanyahu trips

Israel envoys: Recognize interim Palestinian state


Abbas tells Hungarian press: I will go to Gaza

Bid to twin Giant’s Causeway’s council with Gaza City

Israel to install new postal centers in East Jerusalem

Fatah leader says ‘split must end’

Committee: Israel to allow more Gaza exports

Palestinian cleared of rape charges: The police treated us like dogs

Palestinian youth killed in hit and run accident

Palestinians commemorate Land Day (Exclusive Pictures)

Land Day at Nabi Salih Village | March 30 2011 | Video

Return of 88 Palestinians Stranded Outside Egyptian Borders to Gaza

Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein Speaks on Palestine

Opinion Poll: Israeli youths more right-wing and less committed to democracy

WAFA Monitors Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media

Israeli army arrests 3 east of Bethlehem

Rachel Corrie trial resumes

The current ‘one state’ reality in Israel/Palestine

Report: Israeli teens indicted for Itamar revenge arson

Protest against Shimon Peres at Chatham House  London

Israel lays Gaza-like siege on West Bank village

Information Center visited by Israeli intelligence

The current ‘one state’ reality in Israel/Palestine

Israel envoys: recognise interim Palestinian state – AFP

Israeli forces attempt to raid Information Center director’s home without warrant

The president also spoke to a series of threats from the Israeli government, principally its Prime Minister…

Israeli parents, educators, politicians and military officials need to stop teaching hate to their children

Very significant story; Please read, share: Calgary bans what would have been 1st Palestine demo at a Canadian high school

Dirar Abu Sisi, who disappeared while traveling on a train in Ukraine last month, appeared before Petah Tikvah…

Israeli parliament passes law revoking citizenship of anyone convicted of spying, treason or aiding its enemies

The civil lawsuit brought by parents of slain American peace activist Rachel Corrie against the state of Israel…

Snatched Gaza engineer appears in Israeli court

Uruguay, Palestine sign mutual recognition agreement

Brandeis Hillel again rejects membership bid by Jewish Voice for Peace, despite petition by 1/3 of student body:

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (24-30 March 2011)

Announcement to Palestinians in Europe

Number of Housing Units Built in the Israeli Settlements Increased Four Times in 2010 Compared with 2009 (PCBS)

Zionism: The Real enemy of the Jews

Palestine Remembered

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

Why Canada has made itself Israel’s new friend on the block:

Israel do whatever they can to close our pages on Facebook. It thus helps to spread the history of the Palestinian Intifada III

Manager of shop next door: “I’m pleased Ahava is leaving…Everyone would like them to leave”.

Israel approves lawyer visit ban on Palestinian prisoners

Paradox: Collaborating PA thugs “save “settlement from popular protests:

Occupation Forces Kidnap Palestinian Deputy

No Facebook Revolution for Palestine

Settlers injure Ramallah woman

Fatah leader says ‘split must end’

EU and PA Sub-Committees Review Human Rights, Good Governance and Rule of Law Issues

The Palestine Center is hosting a timely briefing on Israel’s targeting of Palestinian minority next week. RSVP Here

Registering the diaspora to vote – Hugo van Randwyck

Mute until Age Four, Palestinian Girl Speaks Like a Scholar

Safed: 2 Indicted for torching Arab Cars,7340,L-4050440,00.html

Olmert says Gaza war inevitable

Bardawil: Abbas dealt evasively with Hamas’s reconciliation initiative

Hamas meets with Supreme Council ruling Egypt

Israel admits kidnapping Palestinian

The Village of Husan Commemorates Land Day

Israel plan for Gaza island aims to detach population from historic Palestine

Daily Roundup: Settler Attacks in Ramallah, Jenin; Three-year-old Hit by Settler Car; Four Arrested

Palestine embassy expects official answer from Ukraine about disappearance of Palestinian

IOA planning to expropriate 662 Palestinian dunums in OJ

Abu Sisi: I know nothing about Shalit,7340,L-4050367,00.html

Shin Bet chiefs spearhead the occupation

The A-Word in Hebron

So far parlementary immunity: IOF troops re-detain MP Mohammed Badr

Mofaz threatens to boost prison restrictions

Protest tent in Ramallah square vandalized

Poll: Israelis moving toward far right

Police beat and spat on us,7340,L-4050289,00.html

Ongoing Nakba in the Jordan Valley

Israeli Checkpoints in University of Birmingham, UK

MUST READ via MaxBlumenthal: On Land Day, Jewish National Fund freaks out as its racist legacy is exposed

The palestine Daily is out!

While Israel is legally obligated 2 provide free education 2 all its citizens, but not in Occupied Jerusalem


Intifada Part Three

Palestinian Land Day commemorated in New York City with flashmob demo

Prominent Israeli authors rally to defence of Palestinian bookshop owner facing deportation

Palestinian struck and killed by Israeli bus

Protest tent in Ramallah square vandalized

Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles near Jenin

Abbas: Palestinians to ask for UN recognition if peace talks fail – Ha’aretz

On Land Day, the Jewish National Fund’s racist legacy is exposed – Institute for Middle East Understanding

Boycotting the occupation bites again:

On Land Day, the Jewish National Fund’s racist legacy is exposed (Max Blumenthal, Mondoweiss)

Corrie trial resumes in Haifa court with testimony of bulldozer unit commander.

Resheq: Hamas ties with Egypt good, continuously developing

Israeli PM sues over claims trips privately financed

Israeli police raid info center in Jerusalem

Report: Radioactive waste from Japan reaches Israel

US consulate closes due to suspicious mailing

Fateh Wins Student Elections In Bir Zeit, Islamic Bloc Boycotted the Polls

Are Any of You Willing to Protect the Unarmed Humanitarians Sailing With Latest Gaza Freedom Flotilla?

Lieberman photos burnt in Land Day rally

PA stresses Palestine recognition

Moyle in Northern Ireland twinned with Gaza

Gaza blockade encourages radical groups emerging: report

UN chief: Israel must end occupation

Palestinians commemorate Land Day in Gaza (video)

Israel plans artificial island off Gaza

Israeli Bank Which Profited From Holocaust Forced To Settle With Survivors


Israel may build artificial island off Gaza Strip coast

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