The Village of Husan Commemorates Land Day

31.03.11 – 12:05

AIC Media to PNN – On the morning of March 30 in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Land Day, residents of the village of Husan, together with Palestinian and international volunteers, planted some olive trees in a piece of land that is threatened by the settlers of the Bitar ‘Illit colony. Israeli soldiers arrived and monitored the area throughout the whole action.












Land Day commemorates the 1976 Palestinian strikes and demonstrations against Israeli land expropriation during which six Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed and hundreds arrested and injured.

The symbolic action of yesterday represents just the last example of the nonviolent resistance that the Palestinians of this village have been keeping alive for years. As Kharma, a resident of Husan, explains, the settlers arrived during the 1980s and started expropriating lands and blackmailing the inhabitants. Since that time, the settlers of Bitar ‘Illit have been continuously threatening Palestinian lands, cutting and uprooting their trees.

This morning international volunteers and young Palestinians who had attended a nonviolent training course—financed by the British Council in collaboration with the Holy Land Trust—joined a group of residents of the village of Husan and planted olive trees in a land very close to the Israeli colony of Bitar ‘Illit as a symbolic act against the occupation. There were around fifty people involved and as soon as they started planting trees, the Israeli army arrived and surrounded  the area “to control that everything goes in the right way”, a soldier said.

Marwan Fararje, the coordinator of the Holy Land Trust, explains that the Israeli authority doesn’t allow the owner of this land to build any walls in order to protect his trees from the settlers’ attacks. He is conscious that in the following hours the olive trees will be uprooted by the settlers and that the Israeli soldiers will not intervene to stop them. This is how it always happens.


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