WAFA Monitors Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media

RAMALLAH, March 30, 2011 (WAFA) – Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) monitored incitement and racism against the Palestinians and Arabs published by the Israeli media between March 18 and 25.

‘Hamodia” religious newspaper published a racist article by Menachim Klogman titled “Palestinians Crave Jewish Blood” in which Klogman said that the Palestinians poison their children with anti-Semitism, mutilate the Jewish history and commemorate terrorists and give rewards for their families.

He went on to say that the Palestinian leadership shares the same sentiments, and that Abbas leads a strategic agenda and sheds crocodile tears (metaphor of hypocrisy) to gain world support while sympathizing with the murderers of Fojel family in Itamar.

Professor Abraham Tsion wrote an instigating article “If you build shrines for killers, then you don’t want peace” in Makor Richmon religious newspaper, in which he accused the Palestinians of creating human predators, and distort Israel’s image to the world.

He said that” if an Israeli committed a crime like the one in Itamar, things would have blown up in our faces. Israel must condemn the Palestinian Authority and its leadership for terrorism. A nation that teaches children to kill Jews and build shrines for killers, doesn’t want peace”.

Under the title “Abbas is the Subtle Version of Arafat”, Oren Kashi posted an inciting article on (NFC) website, attacking Palestinian leaders, calling them “murderers” and begging the world to condemn then. He said that “Oslo Accords were supposed to set a ‘(peace) partner’, but now it looks like we need to set the ‘enemy’”.

He said “Abbas is the subtle version of Arafat; mummified in a suit, without a kofia or a gun. Israeli media helps him and calls him ‘moderate’. Israeli government asks Abbas to stop instigating against Israelis when they should be demanding him to deny his claims that less than a million Jews died in the Holocaust”.

Lecturer in Bar Ilan University, Mordechai Kedar, wrote a racist article titled “Slaughter is routine and common among Muslims”, in which he accused Muslims of being retarded and slaughter-freaks.

He said that “for Western children, slaughter is a barbaric act, but for Muslims, it’s appropriate and right. Thus slaughtering a Jew, a Christian or anyone considered an enemy is a Muslim norm. This is what we call ‘cultural difference’”.

Yoval Brandstetter claimed that Muslims have “sudden Jihad syndrome” illness, in a racist instigating article published on NFC website under the same name.

He said “after many murders in US, an American-Jew researcher in Islamic affairs identified this new illness as causing severe urge to kill anyone who is considered desecrating Islam”.

He terrorized the Israeli community from the Palestinians as he said “every Israeli must perceive himself, his wife or children as the next victim.”

Makor Richmon opening article “Gaza must be purified” by Amnon Lord demanded to “purify the Gaza Strip” and launch a new war against Palestinians.

He said that missile-launch from Gaza is the outcome of the Palestinian internal policy, and warned from withdrawing from the Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), saying that the Palestinians will build missile base which will lead to missile attacks against all of Israel’s area.

Lord instigated a second ‘Operation Lead Cast’ (the Israeli war against Gaza in 2008), which should be planned to assassin Hamas leaders, purify the Strip and then to withdraw.

Director of the Settlements Council, Naftali Bennett, published an article on (NRG) website, titled “the concept of a Palestinian State has collapsed”, in which he demanded Prime Minister Netanyahu to take practical measures instead of presenting compromises and explanations.

He said:  “After the horrible massacre in Itamar, I publicly held the Palestinian Authority (PA) responsible, presented details of Abbas’s methods in planting hatred among Palestinian children, and discussed PA’s rewarding and commemoration of Palestinian killers.”

He further addressed Netanyahu and said “in light of my right assessment, what have your government done? It’s the time to tell the world the truth: the concept of the Palestinian state has collapsed”.

“Palestinian Residential Areas must be struck blindly” was the title of the article posted on (NFC) website by Tsipora Halphon.

She called on the government to relentlessly wage war against Gaza, and to adopt unilateral policy imposed by Palestinians who blindly shoot at Israeli civilian areas, saying  “in return of every shooting, the response must be immediate and following their policy – Palestinian residential areas must be shot at blindly”.

(NFC) website published an instigating article by Gori Grosman titled “Israeli pilots have the right to strike the Gaza Strip” in which he criticized allowing European pilots to conduct military operations in Libya, while Israeli pilots aren’t allowed to do that in Gaza.

“In Israel, when we respond to missiles launched against us and our children, targeting terrorist groups in Gaza, but killing few civilians in the process, we panic, apologize and promise to investigate the accident”, he said.

“It is time for the state which neglects its citizens’ safety to understand that as long as Europe and America are raiding Libya, then our war against those who attack us and slaughter our children is the war more just”, he added.

Amnon Lord criticized PA and its leadership in his opening article  which is titled “Abbas excels in the Soviet-style of war and deception” in Makor Richon religious newspaper. He held PA accountable for “terrorism against Israel”, and considered it a “worthless tool” after it failed to stop missile launches, bombers and the slaughtering of the family in Itamar.

“Abbas and Fayyad’s government is only a successful publicity office which we can’t rely on anymore; their mere moderate condemnation became a ritual of terrorist attacks. Abbas’s war to delegitimize Israel is a continuation of the terrorist genocide war against us”, he said.


General Uzi Dayan, former head of the Israeli National Security Council, called on in his article “We must take revenge from Palestinians” which was published in ‘Israel Today’ newspaper, to follow a policy of revenge against Palestinians, and to punish families of whom he called “terrorists”.

“In light of the recent developments, we must renew house demolishing policy in order to restore peace. We must firmly investigate in every terrorist attack and punish the criminals. Palestinians should know that whoever kills the Jews will be killed”, he said.

Dayan added that “we shouldn’t absolve the PA from its responsibility of the terrorist attacks coming from its jurisdiction; PA must explain why it’s not preventing the killings. We need to prepare ourselves for a new operation defensive shield (a large-scale Israeli military operation in the West Bank in 2002) or even a new operation cast lead.”

Commenting on the racial laws recently enacted in Israel, Dror Edar wrote an article which was published in ‘Israel Today’ newspaper under the title “The priority is for Jews”. He said that the first priority is to preserve Jews’ rights, and not the  rights of the Arab minority in Israel.

“The repeated claim that the Arabs are a minority in Israel, thus we need to preserve their right is a false one. The Jews are the majority in Israel, thankfully, but they are the minority in a threatening unstable Arabic and Islamic environment”, he said.

He added “Reserving the rights of the Arab minority in Israel can’t be at the expense of preserving the rights of the Jewish minority in the region.”

“No Truce with Palestinians” was the title of the racist article published on (NFC) website by Alice Blitental. The writer claimed that Israel can’t reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

“The terrorist attack in Jerusalem, the massacre in Itamar and other acts prove that the Arabs, who call themselves ‘Palestinians’, especially Hamas, intend to set Israeli on fire (metaphor for attempts to erupt uprisings in Israel) such as what’s happening in the Arab countries”, she said.

She added “Unfortunately, the strikes we performed to respond against Arabs’ intentions weren’t enough, like the last war on Gaza where we left some work unfinished”.



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